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If the Canucks fired Vigneault and hired you

The Magician

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w/o Kesler

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Booth Shroeder Burrows

Higgins Raymond Hansen

Sestito Lapierre Weise

Bieksa Hamhuis

Tanev Ballard

Edler Garrison


Sedin Sedin Kassian

Garrison Edler

Strategy would be park Kassian in front of the net, have Edler and Garrison blast from the point. No more over passing just shoot and then crash the net

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IF I were the coach....

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Bieksa - Hammer

Garry - Ballard

Tanev - Barker

Luongo all 48 games.

Good thing I'm not the coach.

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So I'm the coach...?

New line combinations to start;

Modify the power play units to utilize a split between off the rush speed on perimeter play and 'Sedinery' down low.

1st unit featuring

Kassian + Sedins, Garrison and Bieksa on the points.

Second unit of Burrows, Schroeder and Raymond, with Barker and Hamhuis on the points.

Both of these units have a shooter, a passer, and someone who will go to the net. All points can be activated at any time, and while the first D-pairing is defensively a bit nervous, the offence generated should overcome that. No true first/second designation. If it's a slower, super cloggy defence, lead with the speedy unit. If it's a positionally rigid, but mobile PK, then go with the Sedins first.

Even Strength:

Line one:

Sedin, Sedin, Kassian

Line Two

Raymond, Schroeder, Hansen / Higgins

Line Three (If/when healthy):

Burrows, Kesler, Higgins / Hansen

Line four:

Booth Lapiere Sestito/Wiese

In my world, Booth is gone anyways. He doesn't fit what we need "now", but that isn't my call. So he sits here on the 4th line to add a bit more speed. I'd rather have a Chris Neil type. a super tough guy, but someone who can still play hockey at least to some level. We have a few shrimps up front, it would be swell to have enough goonery around that other teams will think twice about running anyone.

D-pairing one:

Hamhuis Bieksa

D-pairing Two:

Tanev Ballard

D-pairing three:

Edler Barker

Or right now, Edler could ride the pine for poor play and I'd put big Alberts with Barker on that 3rd pairing.

Barring it look utterly ridiculous and disjointed, set these all these lines in stone for at least 5 games, practices, everything. They will sit next to each other on the plane. Chemistry only forms when it has time to set. Some of it is pre-existing, some of it not so much.

On the PK

1st Unit:

Burrows Kesler

Hamhuis Bieksa

2nd Unit:

Raymond Lapierre

Tanev Ballard

Both units carry high defensive zone speed, and the ability to read the play. Raymond and Burrows' particular sense for rushing out of the zone on an SH chance are particularly dangerous, and would force the powerplay to at least account for the possibility.

That's my first 10 minutes as coach with a sharpie.

F-loads of video, and extended on-ice workouts with f-loads of skating. New skating coach. Skating is the majority of the game, and no player is perfect with their stride. "Close to perfect" versus "even closer to perfect" can be the difference between a Stanley cup, and no Stanley cup.

None of this relaxation chamber after a loss rubbish. Identify the areas of weakness in video, drill the weak areas, refresher on the strong ones. Identify both positives and negatives with examples; nobody likes to be trod on, likewise the same message gets old. Switch it up.

Reward wins with more leash. Every 3 wins in a row means a full day off when there's a 2 or more day split between games. Always have a practice before game day, keep 'morning skate' super light and loose, and fun.

On the bench:

No gum.

Communicate with the players as necessary. Commend good play, provide feedback on the flow of play, both from the opposing team and from ours. Not necessarily the time for criticism, except when totally warranted (a puck hog shift, etc). The trick there is to find the balance; yapping their ear off game in and out is annoying too. Keep it to the necessities, and few words. But use those words well.

So that's me, as the coach.

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Bye bye edler. Hello Ballard. Trade Schneider right a way to stop this non-sense goalie controversy. Nolan Brown, Rick Bowness can I see you in my office for a sec? YOU'R FIRED. Bring in Lindy Ruff as the Assistant Coach, and bring in a new PP coach thats not a derp. Lines are

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Raymond Kesler Burrows

Hansen Lapierre Higgins

Jensen Sestito Weise

Hamhuis Bieksa

Ballard Tanev

Garrison Barker/Alberts


=Stanley Cup


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Ooh, this look like fun. Hmm, if I was hired as the new coach...

First, I would fire Mike Gillis and replace him with someone who has a perfect drafting record. Then I would trade Schneider and Booth for Lecavalier and Stamkos. Kesler would get traded to Columbus for three 1st round picks. The Sedins, Burrows, and two 1st round picks would go to Pittsburgh for Crosby and Malkin. Schroeder and Ballard would go to Chicago for Kane. Kassian, Edler, and Raymond go to Buffalo for Hodgson, Vanek, and Myers. Sign Perry as a free agent. Sign Hasek as a free agent. Send Lapierre and two more 1st round picks to Washington for Ovechkin. Ownership would buy-out the remainder of Crosby's, Lecavalier's, Ovechkin's and Kane's contracts, then resign them each at $2.5M/per. Everything fits under the cap. Next I would layoff all the security at Roger's Arena, drop the price of beer by 75%, and give every fan a bag filled with water-balloons at the gate.

Let's see here...

Vanek Crosby Stamkos

Perry Malkin Kane

Higgins Lecavalier Ovechkin

Sestito Hodgson Weiss

Myers Garrison

Bieksa Hamhuis

Tanev Barker



ERMAGURD!! Stanley Cup dynasty!!! :) Yes, I should totally be the coach!

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I'd say 'Mike, you shafted AV but you're not going to shaft me. Give me this team or something damn near it and I'll get you the SC IN 2 years............otherwise don't waste my time."

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Burrows- Kesler - Ryan ..........Ryan 6/2 and 216 lbs

Raymond - Matthias - Hansen .......Matthias 6/3 and 211 lbs

Sweatt - Schroeder - Vandermeer (Sweatt is 6/0 and 190 lbs and Vandermeer would make sure Scroeder was allowed to play.......we could get some goals here.)

Johnson - Hamhuis (He's 6/1 and 231 lbs and won't get pushed around)

Bieksa - Komisarek (He's 6/4 and 243 lbs and kicks ass)

Sbisa - Tanev (Sbisa 6/2 and 207 lbs a player who kicks ass and would protect his mates)

Mike you say you don't sweat the small things. Here's a newsflash "You ONLY sweat the small things!"

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