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I think AV should start Luongo tomorrow. Schneider hasn't been bad at all but has lost the last 2 games.

Just give Luongo the game tomorrow and see how he does and if he plays well give him a chance to go on a run. I can see in Luongo's face he wants to play bad and after today, probably feels he has something major to prove.

In my opinion, if Luongo serves as a backup this year like Thomas did few years ago. next season weather he be the starter on the Canucks or on another team, I see Luongo having a great season and one of his best. Luongo will be motivated as anything next season knowing he is a starter for a team and this all behind him.

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Luongo has alot on his mind and he wants to prove to all the low ball offers made by other GM's that he is worth a lot more than they all offered. He is fired up and ready for his run...back to back shutouts for Luongo if he starts the next 2!!

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