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Hope the Leafs crash and Burn!


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So as per Darren Dreger and Pierre Lebrun, the Canucks made 3 offers in the final hour to TO and all 3 were refused. They asked for Ben Scrivens and 2 2nd round picks ( which IMO isn't asking for much) and Nonis said no to that!! The guy gave up 2nd round picks away here in Van like there was no tomorrow.

Nonis was playing hard ball, and pretty much wanted him for free! I'm glad the trade didn't go through, but I do hope the Leafs' goalies **** the bed and the whole team crashes and burns, then watch them come crying back for Lu. By then I hope we have another team that might be interested. (btw, if there really were 4 teams the Canucks were talking to like Gillis said, then why did they desperately make those 3 offers in the last hour to just one team?)

As for Lu, I feel bad for the guy. He's been a class act through this whole fiasco. He is the best goalie this franchise has ever had and he deserves better then this. He doesn't deserve to be a bench warmer. A person can be patient only for so long. If Schneider were to falter, would Lu be in the right state mentally to play well for us? He sounded really frustrated at the presser today.

Would it be possible that if a deal is just as hard to make in the off-season, that Lu himself asks management to buy him out? That way he would be free to go anywhere on his own. If that were to happen, Gillis' should be fired.

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If that was actually the offer, TO should have taken it. They would have been a much stronger team overall with Lu in net.

I'm glad that trade didn't happen. We need an impact player coming our way, even if it was MacArthur or a 6th Dman. Otherwise we're better off waiting till Summer.

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Nucks go through SJ, LA, Hawks.... Cory pulls his groin in con final....Nucks line up with Leafs in finals.... Lui shuts out Leafs 4 games straight .....Nucks hoist cup in the ACC.... Leafs fans chant Luuuuuuuu.....

MG calls Nonis for trade.

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Luongo says his contract is the "Anchor" preventing him from being traded, so with this in mind, I propose the following.

1) Canucks use one of their amnesty buy-outs to buy-out Luongo.'s contract after the season under the condition that Luongo re-signs with Vancouver at a salary that is marketable (let's say 3 years 4 mil per).

2) Canuck's agree to trade Luongo before training camp opens, obviously the canucks will get more for Luongo at a marketable salary.

-I like the loop holery in this proposal

-Canucks have the cash...Canucks get a decent return from Luongo. And Canucks unload the anchor without hurting the team.

Is this against the rules?

Flame away CDC nation......

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