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Playoff beards and other superstitions 2013

King Heffy

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Switch between 94 Jersey or Current jersey depending on team success while wearing particular jersey. Greasy beard of course. And when things get nerve racking, retire to basement alone for silent prayer time.

Fight all my loser flames fan friends who will be chirping me/Canucks all playoffs long...

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Are you in Vancouver? Like lighter or amber beers like lagers and honey ales? Look out for beers from Russell Brewing. They're in Surrey and make pretty good stuff. I haven't tried their Pilsner, but all the others have been nice (Lager, Pale, Cream). Especially ice cold... mmmm... dammit now i'm thirsty.

Phillips in Victoria also make some good beer. Their Blue Buck ale is really good. If you like something with a little caramel, try Victoria's Lighthouse brewery Race Rocks amber ale. Delicious.

There's a Stanley Park Pilsner (Noble Pilsner?) that was pretty good. For larger breweries, I'd also recommend the Granville Island Cypress Honey Lager or English Bay Pale. I haven't tried much of the Dead Frog stuff, but have heard their lager is nice.

I like local beer. :towel:

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