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  1. This "movement" is ultimately against whites, and largely funded by parties already deeply vested in anti-white activities. All across the board, people who are saying "NO!" to this nonsense are being silenced and punished. "To find out who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" - and also -video removed - I'm out. Been a fun 27 years as a fan. No more. Thanks for all the great information and nice discussions on the forum. Bye.
  2. Two children were robbed, raped and tortured for nine hours then buried alive in a graveyard in Stockholm, Sweden this week. It's not the top piece of news because "mostly peaceful protests" in a foreign country is apparently more interesting. It's not the top piece of news because it wasn't swedes who did it. The world doesn't need to fall into another psyop shutdown over BLM.
  3. I am so sick and tired of politics (which are always, 100%, corrupt and ill-willing towards humans) getting into everything. I'll just cancel everything and take care of family, gardening, books, hiking, crafts etc. Too much bull$&!#.
  4. What he, while being in my opinion a waste of flesh, said was the exact same thing other people in the broadcasts have been going on and on about, only phrased slightly differently. Cuthbert and DeBrusk keep talking about how bubble life is easier for the Canucks than the other teams because they are so young and don't have families. It is pretty much the same thing. Unless of course if you're trying to interpret it in other ways to make the currently popular political point. Women are distracting for men and if they are not perhaps that man either found the wrong woman or doesn't deserve winning female affection.
  5. Penguins and Rangers in the 90s, Red Wings and Avalanche in the 00s, Red Wings and Canucks in the 10s. Popular fan choice decided by which TV network owned the game rights and which teams had the greatest number of Swedes in recent history.
  6. Meanwhile, we've apparently got unlimited resources for "economic migrants". Ukraine is still at war and the west seems not to care.
  7. You wouldn't. No questions asked, all are welcome. Well, unless you are Ukrainian.
  8. He knew this situation was coming when he signed his current contract after lots of time lost to injuries. Mentor/backup/expansion draft security. He's been great in his role but isn't needed for it anymore with Dipietro developing so well.
  9. You can't support or follow the Canucks anymore because they are financially bound to eachother. Best just get a new team to cheer for. I'm sorry for your loss
  10. TSN says Canucks fans are disappointed in Ferland. Really? Are you?

    1. Show previous comments  18 more
    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      It's been only two freaking games.


      Even Gaunce got three games last season.:P

    3. Pears


      Ask me again in 2 years

    4. 48MPHSlapShot


      Over the first 2 games? Sure.


      But it's been 2 games. Any player in the league can have a bad 2 game stretch. 

  11. I hear Vilnius is a very pretty old city with great historically-themed restaurants and pubs.