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NYR vs VAN 2014 Cup Finals is a win win win for NHL


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As we all know, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the NYR-VAN finals of 94. The Rangers and Canucks have not had much of a rivalry since the 90's, but with the coaching swap, as well as 2 games and maybe 1 preseason game between them this year, it could all change.

It would be one of the most compelling of stories to see these two coaches swap sides and take their respective teams to the finals. Having a renewed Luongo after potentially winning gold at the Olympics even possibly against Lundqvist in the Olympic final as well?

The Hockey markets of VAN and NYR are some of the biggest in the NHL. The Rangers have the ability to entice the whole US market and there has been more collective news about the Canucks than any other team in the NHL over the past couple seasons via the goalie situation.

If I was Bettman those would be the teams I would be pushing to make it to the finals. This year is a hockey year for the whole world with the Olympics. I can't wait to see how it unfolds!

As a side note, VAN vs NJD would be on par especially if Cory took over for Marty in the playoffs and led them to a final against Van passing the guard over to the new guy and pitting the Luongo vs Cory battle of the ages. That's a whole nother story though. :towel:


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