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Losing toenails

Mainly Mattias

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For some reason, I've been hearing a lot of people damaging their toenails recently.

One girl busted her toe during ultimate so had to paint over it since it turned black.

Another guy lost 2 of his after they turned black and fell off after hiking.

What happens after they fall off? Is it scabby? bloody? do the nails grow back..?

inquisitive minds want to know.

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I have had half my big toenail break off twice. Once from playing floor hockey in High School gym and another guy hit me in the toe rather hard with his stick. It cracked my toenail in half and I was bleeding through my sock. The cut itself scabbed a bit but the nail area just kind of hardened as the nail grew back if that makes any sense. The other time was more random I had been running maybe 3 miles and never noticed hitting it but when I took my shoes off later half of my nail just popped off again. I don't know if it was related it was the same toe though it had looked healed by then. This wasn't bloody as much as it was uncomfortable but same deal it hardened and grew back over time you can't tell it ever happened.

In a slightly related note I banged my foot again wrestling with the dog a couple months ago and under my toenail created a black mark which seems to be stained to and under the nail so even though its healed the black mark is just moving up my nail as it grows itself out.

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interesting.. interesting..

so even after they completely fall off, they grow back again, eh?

does it grow back deformed, diff in size or normal?

oh, and db, the girl was playing ultimate frisbee so yeah, must have been some sort of trauma, either against the front of her shoe or the floor if she was wearing sandals..

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I crush the tips of my fingers at work constantly between steel, girders, rebar etc. Lost more than a few fingernails. The trick is once they turn black to heat up a pin and actually burn a hole through the nail to the skin relieving the pressure so the pressure doesn`t cause it to come right off of the connecting tissue under the nail bed and cuticle. But to answer the question yes they fall off they look gross your tips are uber sensitive then they grow back

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just bent my big toenail backwards in half after accidentally kicking the couch.

and the skin below is usually scabby/scared until the nail grows back.

also, the nail doesn't actually turn black, it's blood underneath that has dried/scabbed and it's just showing through the nail, since it's clear.

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