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Mafia: The Establishment


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It's tough to be overly active sometimes as a tp. I followed a couple games just before I started signing up and it seemed anyone contributing to the threads was getting lynched. Maybe chalk it up to inexperience or over paranoia but I've only played two games and it's tough to come in and start posting your thoughts when what you see those that have something to say are the ones going down.

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1. Master Radishes

2. Kiwis

3. Lemons

4. JE14

5. mikeyboy44

6 Go Faulk Yourself

7. VICanucksfan5551

8. Apples

9. Gally

10. Beluga Whale

11. Intoewsables

12. Where's Wellwood

13. Captain Aerosex

14. Federer

15. TheRussianRocket

16. Kryten

17. SOB for MVP

18. Pierre's_Monster

19. shiznak



22. mau5trap

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Actually, I didn't quite catch that, I didn't know he called me the sheriff.

I had this gut feeling that Alchemy Time was mafia, but since I had voted for him in the round, I didn't wanna kill him immediately to avoid suspicion. Also, guys like Intoewsable, Alchemy Time, MR, Crom!, they keep the game fun and I kinda like them being alive. But lesson learned, if I'm ever offered a special role again, I won't hold back.

It's kind of tough to speak out, all I said was that I felt that Alchemy Time might have been mafia, and I was ultimately punished the next round. Yet, people encourage other people to post to make the game more fun, but it's all like, why bother posting something if you're just gonna end up getting sniped!

Anyways, you guys all suck <3, have fun in the next mafia game :)

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