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Colbert's Daft Punk Dance Party

The Bookie

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Daft Punk was supposed to perform on the Colbert Report, but they were forced to cancel because of some contractual issue (something with their label and MTV, not sure exactly).

So Stevie fires back by staging his own dance party to Get Lucky, with a little help from friends like Jeff Bridges, Hugh Lawrie, Brian Cranston, Matt Damon and others:


(I would've like to find a youtube clip to embed here, but there doesn't seem to be one, yet at least. if someone finds one, feel free to throw it in here. enjoy!)

edit - I see Templeton just posted this in the youtube thread! thnx


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I would have put it in the youtube thread but all I had was dailymotion link which doesn't embed.

also, I'm not sure if this is true, but I read a rumour the stoic front row of Japanese suits were Viacom execs, who were the ones that blocked Daft Punk from playing the show in the first place

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