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Why 2014 Nucks >>>>>> 2011 Nucks


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Shinkuruk >>>>>>>> Raymond -undeniable truth

Horvat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lapierre - undeniable truth

Gaunce >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Hodgson - A role player type upgrade

Corrado > Erhoff - another roleplayer type upgrade

Kassian >>>>>>>>>>>> Sammuellson - Overall superior player in everyway

Weber > Salo

Richardson > Torres Undeinable truth

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Gaunce infintlely serves us better in every position for our team's purposes

Erhoff had synergy with the Sedins, Corrado is going to play a better system for us in the future.

U kidding? Kassian is gonna be way better

Biggest stretch

Richardson is a center who can hit and battle more that Torres ever could, Torres simply explodes thats it

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