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Is MG setting our next GM for success?


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We all know Burke/Nonis regime left Gillis with a lot of pieces (Sedins, Kes, Edler, Burrows) which would eventually be key parts in his success during his tenure here. A source of pride for every GM is to leave an organization in a better state both in the present and for the future.

How do you feel Gillis has done in the future aspect? He traded some of our top prospects and young goaltender (Schnieder, Hodgson, Grabner) yet I for one feel he did very well at this years draft. I feel after Gillis is gone, our next GM will be ultimately destined for failure. Because although our forward prospects are decent, they are not anything like what Gillis had when he got here.

Gillis has also Corrado & Tanev in young defenseman but the depth is thin after those two. Also, we have an aging D core whose best years could be behind them. They also have big money contracts with NTC's. On goaltending is where I feel Gillis screwed the next guy over bad. Luongo is going to be past his prime & on the decline in a couple years. Not even close to what Gillis was left with (Lu in his prime + Schnieder)

How do you feel Gillis has done in terms of what the state of this franchise will be when he ultimately leaves?

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You seem to assume MG will be gone in a year or so.

There's no indication to think he'll be gone any time soon and the hater of MG mostly haven't thought things through. If he really was bad he would have been gone with AV.

And honestly, if MG gets fired at this point, I'd lose all faith in the management of this team. We finally get a good team and firing him would just flush it all down the toilet. So I guess in that regard yes, he would have set up the next GM.

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