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High School Algebra Question


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I'm clearly not in high school; however, I am practicing my math for a test for the Canadian Forces...and I need your help with this question...

Steve has three times as much money invested at 6% than he has invested at 8%. If the total yearly interest is $494.00, how much is invested at 8%?

Thanks for the help!

Oh and I'd need an explanation/breakdown please, if possible. Thanks :)

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:blush: I hope I did this right.

Let x = the amount of money he invested.

3 times as much money = 3x

6% interest = 0.06

8% interest = 0.08

So the equation would be:

3x(0.06) + x(0.08) = 494

Solve for x

x = 1900

3x = 5700

Nailed it. Is it odd i miss highschool math?

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With word questions you just need to pull out all the numerical info and turn your word problem into a normal problem. Then simply make your unknown or the "Question" of the question X and insert it into whatever the given equation is: this time being (3X) 6%interest(or .06) + (X) 8% interest(or .08) = Total money amount(494).

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Yeah, you definitely got it. The answer is/was 1900. But I had no idea how to find that X.


Now I will study your explanation.

I'm truly terrible at these word problems. :(

There are basic algebra instructions for free online. Go to http://www.mathsisfu...troduction.html to start. The number of sites available for free to advance your studying is impressive.

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math sucks and as species it is in our best interest to avoid using it in anyway. you don't need math to pull a trigger and be a bad ass killing machine I don't know why it would be necessary to join the military.

The artillery division says hi.

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This isn't 1942 dipcrap. Point and click gps heat seeking missles don't require algebraic proficiency.

Yeah, but the person programming them sure does. Regardless, math skills are good problem solving abilities to have when in situations where you may not be able to rely on technology.

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