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[PGT]Another Loss

Ryan kesler the beast

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Horrible. Just trash. The 11 year winning streak against the leafs is over. 7 game losing streak. Pulling the goalie never works. No playoffs? At least it's early enough to drink this away.

6 goals on a 5 game road trip is so bad.. Wow

Daniel , burrows . Wow can't notice them

Out of a playoff spot going into the Olympic break.

Same movie every game with the same ending

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TRADE EVERYOONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3-1 Leafs

I noticed:

  • Another collapse
  • Edler is horrible
  • Olympic break
  • Daniel Sedin is done
  • Burrows is blind out there
  • Bad Game
  • Kassian sigh
  • Richardson was good
  • Booth playing better
  • To many negatives
  • Aquaman man ur target is Gillis


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1 goal won't cut if for any team in the league. Hope management can think about this over the break and finally tug their balls and make a move. Getting ridiculous now.

Healthy team was good but it's not anymore so patch up the team and choose to contend or not; don't be in the middle.

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