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'End of the road' - Robert Luongo farewell song


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..going to miss you Lu. Everything that's happened, I'm proud to say I was one of the few that supported you from the first day till the end. Never did I turn my back and you never did to tha team either even though you were treated poorly. Greatest professional I have ever seen in sports handling your particular circumstance and just want to say we loved you and still do...as sad as it is seeing you go, you deserve better than what you got here so for that reason only, I'm glad you're gone. Best of luck with the rest of your career :(

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just doesnt feel right without him :sadno:

Feel like something big is out of my life miss u luu

Tell me about it..he created this era of hockey here in Vancouver and with him gone, the Canucks just don't feel the same, it's a very unusual vibe...how times will change : ' (

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