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Anyone else watching the CBC coverage of the Paralympics?

I watched Canada's first 2 sledge hockey games today and they are looking awesome! Already got a measure of revenge against Norway, the team that beat them for the bronze medal in Vancouver. Torts might want to add some of those plays to the videos he's showing the Canucks. We need more of those awesome quick release shots and that kind of dogged determination to get the puck.

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For anyone who missed it, the US dominated and shut out Canada in the semi-final. Pretty much the opposite of the Olympics. So, now Canada will face Norway in the Bronze medal match. The US will face Russia in the Gold medal match.

CBC is going to be live steaming both games. Both games are tomorrow. The Bronze medal match is at 2am and the Gold medal match is at 9am.


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are their any ex-Nhl players that had an accident, that went to play in sledge hockey?

and do you think if something did happen to a player, many of them would turn to this?

Interesting to think about, and I'm sure some of them would try it, but I think that the two games are just so technically different. The pace is much different, the skills required also seem really different. I think maybe the only advantage they would have is the ability to think hockey, but I can't see them having an easy transition.

This coming from someone with 0 sledge hockey experience of course, I could be way off base here.

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