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No, this is not the Toronto Maple Leaf forum. Although it feels like this thread is borrowed from them...

March 10, 2014

Relevant Games Tonight - Dallas VS Columbus, Phoenix VS Tampa Bay, Winnipeg VS Colorado

Go Columbus :towel: Never thought I'd ever say that!

And of course.... Vancouver VS NYI

Is it possible the we score THREE goals tonight?! Oh, the madness!

Wild Card Team G W L OTL P

1 Minnesota 64 3 22 8 76

2 Dallas 64 31 23 10 72

3 Phoenix 64 29 24 11 69

4 Vancouver 66 29 27 10 68

5 Winnipeg 65 30 28 7 67

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I thought we had a magic number thread somewhere, or was that just previous years? Might be time to put one up if there isn't.

This could double as that.

It is hard to do a magic number thread when you are on the outside looking in as it involves so many factors from other games around the league.

Magic Number is much easier to watch when you are looking down.

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Thank you for this! First time in years where the stretch drive will be exciting! Dallas has to play the blues tmrw and they play some tough teams so hopefully they lose!

Losing Lehtonen could be huge for them. They have a tough schedule coming up.

TT may be able to carry the load but he may not as well. His teammates only know him from reputation, other than Peverley and Seguin, so it may be a question of whether he fits into the team.

If they come out of the gate after losing Kari and go 2-4, or something like that, then the Canucks can close a big gap if we can go 5-1.

We all need to get out our voodoo dolls this week. If the bounces can go our way over the next 5 games then we may not need to win 12 or 13 after all…. lot's of Ifs and uncertainties still to played out.

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13-2-1 will get the Canucks 95 points. (32 points available, 27 points needed for 95)


















Impossible. But I believe!

Hopefully Daniel, Richardson, and Stanton can get back in the line up by Anaheim.

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