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Mafia: La Nostra Famiglia


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We did. It was in the thread. :P

Well that would be a good back story to having changed their online status as a mafia wouldn't it.

well now that you have hit triple digit MVP I think we should just follow you like sheep, should we vote in the order you listed or alphabetically?

Vote Aladeen

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Guest Gumballthechewy


Uhh... so don't mind my extended absence....

Oops, I forgot you can't edit posts, I'll I did was add the second line I swear.

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Guest Gumballthechewy

Busy conversing with your fellow Mafian's. I'm on to you.

Do I look like an untrustworthy person too you?


Unvote; vote gumballthechewy

Lynch the rook IMO. Or doughty. Doughty's always a solid choice.

Doughty's a very good choice.

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