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The best fantasy hockey site?

Whale Tail

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Hey everyone, I really only started playing some hockey pools and challenges this last season. Just wondering if anyone can recommend some new sites to try or ones they think are the best to use.

the 3 I tried were CBC, Sportnet and TSN/ESPN.

I personally think the TSN/ESPN was set up the best with information and the layout as well. Just curious to see what others suggest.


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I used the tsn/espn one last year and I liked the Hockey Challenge setup they had, where you have a certain amount of money to spend on players, and each week their value can go up or down, but you can change the players ever week. I see they don't have that this year, just removed if off their fantasy section today, it was up there yesterday and the day before but it wouldn't let you into it. I'm trying their fantasy hockey this year, and did the draft, but the setup reminds me exactly of yahoo.

As for CBC, trying to win a KIA, I don't think they are having it this year, so far when I go to the contests and try to click on the link, it takes me to the setup page to sign in but it's all over the map, yet you can't sign in. I do see sportsnet, has the exact same formatted fantasy game that CBC was offering last year for the KIA, but it's not for a KIA it's for 1 million dollars, or a VIP trip for 2, but it's the same format as CBC was last year.

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