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(Discussion) Del Zotto.... I am on a roll!

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Michael Del Zotto

current status:Unrestricted free agent
#5 D | 6'0", 195 lbs. |
Birth Date:June 24, 1990 (24 years old)

Place of Birth:Stouffville, Ont.


Experience:5 years

Drafted:Drafted by NY Rangers in 2008 (1/20).

Scouting Report
Assets: Skates very well, both up and down the ice as well as laterally. Understands the power-play dynamic and is good at making plays as the quarterback. Oozes offensive upside. Flaws: Needs more work in terms of his defensive-zone coverage, and must utilize his frame more in order to become a better defender. Must also limit his mistakes with the puck. Career Potential: Offensive defenseman with upside.
Career Honors & Awards
League Honor Description NHL All-Rookie Team 2009-10 OHL Third All-Star Team 2008-09

Ok first, I was wrong, his first year he was -20, I stand corrected, but it was his first year! Secondly, if you take a look at his +/- for the 2013-2014 season, you might understand , that neither one of us are too observant! We make a good pair....but at least mine was his first year, not his last! LOL

:emot-parrot: :D

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:emot-parrot: :D

Sorry Virtanen, wasn't trying to sound ignorant to your post....had trouble copying and posting and made a mess of my response to you.......I don't mind being corrected......actually tried to make it a funny response.....just didn't come out that way. My apoligies

I still think it would be a bad idea to sign him.....defensemen take longer to season, so he still has time.....what are your thoughts....is he worth considering?

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I'll just leave this here:

News1130 Sports@News1130Sports

Eklund reporting the #Canucks are a finalist to land UFA defenseman Miachel Del Zotto.

But wait, there's more:

News1130 Sports@News1130Sports

Just talked with Del Zotto's agent Mark Guy and he says there is no chance of Del Zotto ending up with #Canucks.

Guy says he never held serious talks with the #Canucks.


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Del Zotto has talent, but he really needed a year or two in AHL to learn the defensive side of the game before jumping to the NHL. The Rangers kind of rushed him and I think caused damage to his career.

I think in this day and age, 95% of players need a little transition time before making the jump.

I'd actually love to see a situation where teams have to apply to the NHL asking for an exceptional status exemption to let a player into the NHL before they turn 19. Look at what happened in Edmonton with so many players getting injured. There's very few that can handle the NHL physically at 18.

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Yes sign him to a two year deal if it's reasonable. He hasn't regressed every year in this league - he scored 37 his rookie year, fought some injuries his second, followed up with over forty his third season - and then fell out of grace with Torts and wasn't played as much so his stats suffered. AV didn't use/like him either so he was traded to Nashville and never got traction.

Nobody ever drafted by VAN on D has got that many points per games played the first five years in the NHL.

This forum greatly overrates our current D and has way to many fantasy's that Weber has the tools or Stanton or Corrado or Tanev or Sbsisa (check out his stats before commenting please!) is the answer to the predictable and awful pp the last few years. Our team is good five on five - not as good as it was a few years ago but can hold there own. It is a matter of strategy for the GM and Co' to kickstart it and get us back into the standings by utilizing the skill on the team. This is the edge we need and anything the team can do to work on it, it should be doing. Worst case scenario is we add depth to the d, best case we have a weapon on the PP who can skate with the third pairing and work on improving his game. Defenseman hit their prime a few years later than forwards, this kid has the tools and needs a good coach (who we have again) to fix him (motivate) to get his confidence back. The talk of toxicity and lazy or whatever is hearsay about Del Zotto - Torts has a long history of singling out players and not playing them - and has little patience to let young players learn by their mistakes. Sign him.

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