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Hi y'all,

Just because there's been so many threads created on a whim, maybe it's time there was a thread for them all.

Any time you have a random idea that the Canucks should do for a thread, or something that WD is doing that you're frustrated with, you can put it here (bold it if it's a new idea, to separate from the discussions). That way, it can be discussed without being locked within five minutes for lack of substance.


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Scratch Higgins, Trade Sbisa, Trade Miller in the Summer, Horvat is good, WHAT IS WILLIE D DOING, JB's plan this summer, ______, Do we really need him?, Ferland is a goon

Am I missing anything?

Everyone hates bieksa

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While it's a great idea, the problem is that the people starting new (redundant threads don't care that there's someplace else to put their thoughts, they want to be special in having their own. I wish this could work, but no one's buying in.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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