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Entire NHL Snake re-Draft. (Fantasy)

Piggy Bank

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Well, this is gonna be intense, and maybe long. First come first serve, 29 people besides myself. Comment which team you want to be.

Snake draft:1-30 and then 30-1, repeat.

DM whoever is after you, that it is their turn. If you take more than 2 hour, you may be skipped. (except from 10PM till 8AM)

NO SALARY CAP - TOO hard to keep track, and most expensive players will likely be distributed out.

Edmonton -

Buffalo -

Arizona - pmalina

Toronto - Goosberries

Carolina - Heberts Vasiljevs

Nj -

Phi -

Columbus -

SJ -

Colorado - Defend Paris

Florida - Anton Rodin

Dallas -

LA - Kesheniel

Boston -

Calgary -

Pitts -

Winnipeg - Langdon Algur

Ottawa - Winterhawks

Detroit -

Minnesota -

NYI - Mimerez

Washington -

Vancouver - Fox Mulder

Nashville - Blomquist

St Louis -

Montreal - Oustiders

Chicago - 87Crosby


Anaheim -

TB -

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