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D-Fence (proposal)

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The season is over and that means the draft and trades are coming. Just a few ideas to improve our defence. Want input and want to know what all you who read this think. The proposals may not be great. But I'm looking for input on the players more then anything.

My idea options to improve our defence are:





And via trade Adam Larsson

Not saying lets get them all but even two of them would be good.

Trade with New Jersey.

J.Markstrom, N.Jensen, R.Vrbata for A.Larsson and there late round 2nd round pick (Floridas pick)

Larsson is young and I think can grow with mentorship coming from fellow Swede A.Edler. That may not be enough to get him or maybe lose Vrbata and the pick. Not really sure what Larsson's value is atm. Last I heard he was falling out in New Jersey. NJ is looking for scoring and temporarily Vrbata could fill the void while Jensen needs the change of scenery although that may not work either. Markstrom can be a more reliable back up for Schneider than Kinkaid.

As for the UFA's. I'd love Mike Green but I see him being too expensive and I'm betting he goes to Dallas or Detroit. I'd like to see Franson here as he is local, 27 and proven he can be gifted offensively and can possibly be the PP QB we need. Oduya is a work horse. Downside is he is 33. But I personally like his game and he may be a cheap alternative. Even though I'd rather go younger. Mesaroz played in Van City once before. He again is a workhorse on a good team I'd say. If he can come for cheap I'd nab him as a good alternative. Again he is over 30 as well and doesn't produce much offensively.

Pay days I think would be: Franson (5.5M), Green (6.0M), Oduya (3.0M), Mesaroz(2.5M)

Last note I know we don't have the cap. But I'm sure some trades this summer will free up that space. There are players we can trade to make these work.

Any good?

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Not bad. I'm kind of iffy on trading Vrbata. Plus I think New Jersey is looking for young top 6 players, none of which the players you have fall into.

Also I think JB wants to keep Markstrom... don't quote me on it.

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Green is washed up, he was getting scratched and is a serious liability when it comes to defence and physical play

Franson is only one worth signing but to deal in the 6 mill range is too expensive

Everyone wants to trade Vrbata but he is the only real goal scorer we have

Love to get Laarson, but dealing with Lammorello you will usually get ripped off lol

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We aren't going to spend the money on Green or Franson, at least not without significant movement elsewhere to open up cap space. I just don't see Benning blowing it up. Someone like Ehrhoff or Barrett Jackman for cheap would be interesting though.

As far as trades, I'd love Larsson, but New Jersey doesn't need another older forward. They aren't competing now. Markstrom and Jensen might be interesting, but not sure that deal does it for them.

We will be trading Vrbata though (or we should be) before the deadline to get some assets back for him. We aren't keeping him long term until he retires so it'd make sense to move him unless somehow we suddenly have a cup contending team.

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I like the idea of a NJ defenceman, either Larsson, Severson or Gelinas. They're certainly not all untouchable, and that team needs young forwards desperately. They've got Schneider for a long time though so won't need a goalie.

TO NJD: Jensen + Vbrata (+ maybe a late pick)

TO VAN: Larsson

TO PIT/STL (both are letting some free agent defencemen go for a change): Kevin Bieksa

TO VAN: 2nd or 3rd round pick

Sign Cody Franson or Mike Green if we can get him

Draft Oliver Kylington

Suddenly, in one off-season we've acquired 3 puck moving defencemen to go with our plethora of shutdown guys.

Next season's defence:

Edler - Tanev

Hamhuis - Franson/Green

Sbisa - Larsson

Future Defence in 3-5 years:

Edler - Tanev

Kylington - Corrado

Sbisa - Larsson


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its hard to propose altering our blueline when it already has 9 nhl defenseman and ntc's attached to the names some of us want gone. i would expect some rumblings to start next week around draft day time.

personally, i think benning will ask bieksa to waive his ntc's and he'll be shipped out and he'll go after franson. if its under 5m then i think franson would be a good fit and make weber redudant so corrado or clendening could play on the 3rd pair right side

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