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WN: How do you feel about the names of our draftees?


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I think the most important aspect of this draft that is being overlooked is that we've now acquired prospects with really cool names. Now, I think this is important to the success of the organization. We already have a few cool names like Horvat, Shinkaruk, Corrado, and Baertschi, but think of what we've added today.

Brock Boeser, a cool name with repeating letters in the first and last. Overall I think he's a nice addition to the name pool.

Guillaume Brisebois, also a very cool name. We haven't had a Guillaume since Desbiens, and I'd argue that Brisebois has a cooler last name than Desbiens. Overall I think he's also a nice addition to the name pool, and it's a good defender name.

Dmitry Zhukenov though is the 1st rounder of name picks. What an awesome name to add to our name pool. I can't believe we have a prospect with such a cool name. I hope he one day makes the team so I can hear the announcers calling GREAT PLAY ZHUKENOV.


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