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AquaMan may step in soon.


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9 hours ago, The Lock said:

Here's what I see...

The Aquilinis hired Linden after the Gillis fiasco. From what I understand, they decided it was best to put things (like GM hirings) into someone else's hands after Gillis caused them issues.

It was then Linden who hired Benning (who I've liked a lot so far I'll admit). Benning then hired Willy D.

So, considering Linden was the only guy the Aquilinis hired in the first place, and considering that most likely the Aquilinis know what's up and that we're going through a transition (and if people really think their heads are completely stuck in a mole hole and can't see that.... I can't help you....)....

....anyway, considering all of that, I highly doubt the Aquilinis are about the step in and fire anyone. If Willy D gets fired, it will be by Benning himself. If Benning gets fired, it will be by Linden. This whole notion of the Aquilinis stepping in I think is an overreaction by some fans. The Aquilinis made their money from being smart and they're far more likely to know what's up and let things play out than they are to play stupid and fire at will.

That's the official chain of command.  If things turn real bad, ownership could circumvent it.  They would look awfully bad for prospective replacements if they did though.  Linden and Benning are great communicators and I'm sure that ownership is kept in the loop.  They know more than we do how the rebuild really is going and what to expect over the next couple of years. 

5 hours ago, two drink minimum said:

He should be attending to more important matters. What's he doing there? Scouting talent?


Acquilini is watching a hockey game.  He is a big time fan after all.  What better way to watch a game than with the GM?

It keeps him informed and it shows that they have a good relationship.  It's a very good sign.

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