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[PGT] Caducks 1, Canucks 2


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Bieksa responded with class to his return tribute and I respect that .Kessler preferred to be a villain and blow off Canuck fans trying to pay tribute to him when he returned and thrives off being boo'd. He obviously doesn't think much of the Canucks fans and organization. Big difference between two long time Canucks. Kesler deserves the boo's.  

Stay classy Bieksa!

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2 hours ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

Yeah, I know some people don't like the way Kesler left this team... but fact is, the guy wanted a change and him being traded was something which clearly was to the benefit of both Anaheim and Vancouver.  People should just get over it.

Yet for whatever reason a minority of fans feel the need to boo the guy.

This is a bad idea for a couple reasons:

-  Kesler is an excellent player who has a lot of pride... and when he is the target of boos, he WILL respond, like he did in the New Year's game.  He back checked the Sedins like a fiend, was generally physical and in the Canuck's face all night, scored a goal and was likely the best Anaheim player.  We are probably lucky he didn't score in the shootout.

-  It's bad form to boo a player who really hasn't done a lot to be the target... compared to a dozen other players around the league who are a lot worse in their behaviour to the Canucks, singling out Kesler is kinda silly.

So to all those who feel the need to be boo-birds when Kesler touches the puck... don't do it... it isn't deserved, and it backfires on the game's outcome.

You know what else is bad form? Hitting Dorsett in the head and the slew foot on Prust.

That's bad form. 

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2 hours ago, drummerboy said:

It's not about him deciding to leave.     He forced a trade to a team that barely wanted him, getting us a poor return.  

Yes, we got Mac, yes we got Suter.  But if he gave us the chance to shop him and find the best deal for the team, it would be a totally different story.    Then you can respectfully say, he did his best for us, wanted a change, and he deserves that. 

But he didn't.  He didn't care about the team and he showed it. 

Booo away

Despite my ex analogy, we weren't dating him. This is his job. He doesn't have to care about his employer when he wants to go work somewhere else. It might not be nice in the world of sports, but it's still just the truth. These people are actually people with lives and feelings and they aren't always going to put the team ahead of themselves, especially when they think it's time to move on.

Take a lesson from Olaf and "Let It Go".

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