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Sharks fan vote goal song

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Remember when we had a fan vote like this? Looks like Sharks fans really don't want this as their goal song but let's hope it is!





Remember when the New York Islanders collaborated with the MTA and nearly made their goal horn sound like a subway car's horn? That was a near disaster that was averted. Well, San Jose Sharks fans may have a similar scenario on their hands due to a contest where a fan vote will determine the team's goal song.


Sharks fans, do you like LMFAO? Because you may have to learn to if this 'Sharks Remix' wins the vote.


We're sure the Sharks are well aware that rival fans may start ballot stuffing in an effort to sabotage the team's goal song. And for those of you doubting that rival fan's would spend their time doing such a thing...think again.


Turns out there's a number of important votes going on down south. The Sharks definitely have the best GIFs in the game, so we're hoping that their goal song is on par with those.

If you would like to hear the other entries/vote, visit the Shark's site here.







The song they're talking about:



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