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Revolutionary Idea for Draft Order

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On 3/23/2016 at 4:04 PM, Tre Mac said:

Rather a round robin tourney of 6 teams battling it out for top pick.  Revenue city.

I like this idea.  They should have a playoffs for the 14 teams not in the playoffs battle it out for the top pick plus a trophy.  Almost like a champions league, and a Europa league in soccer.  A second tier winner that way there's always motivation win and to get better.  It also would create more revenue for the teams not contending in the SCP.  Of course the the teams just missing the SCP will probably have a better chance to win, but with more the parity in the league now as we can see in the standings this might bold well.

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On March 23, 2016 at 10:49 AM, Jägermeister said:

I think every teams GM should enter a room.

There are 29 chairs in a circle.

The Benny Hill theme music starts.

The GMs run around the chairs.

Music stops.

The GMs stop and sit down in one of the chairs.

1 GM is left chairless.

His team picks 30th.

One chair is removed.

The music starts again.

Rinse and repeat until a GM sits down in the last chair.

His team wins the1st overall pick.


Could you imagine the TV ratings?


Watching a bunch of fat, old, bald dudes chasing each other around chairs in a room. Good times.

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Here's Shane Doan's idea:


“The day you’re mathematically eliminated, you start accumulating points. When you get to the end of the year, whoever’s accumulated the most points gets the first overall pick.” - Shane Doan 

Which of course doesn't work. You have a number of flaws, starting with teams are eliminated at different points, and face different levels of competition in the remaining portion of their schedules (plus home vs away ratio, etc.). Then you could still intentionally tank by being terrible for the first 2/3rds or more of the season then try once you've been eliminated earlier than everyone else by putting bad players down and bringing up young stars or even getting good players at the trade deadline rather than selling. Why wouldn't a team do that in a year with a generational talent available like last year with McDavid?

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On 3/23/2016 at 2:08 AM, Neversummer said:

So every time around this year, there is the debate about tanking or playing hard.  Should you reward laziness and teams that intentionally tank to get a better % of getting #1 pick.  


So here is idea that will encourage every team to play hard and reward them for competitiveness and trying.  At end of season, rank every team by winning %.  Start the process (lottery or whatever) with #17, then #18, #19, etc ... and not at #30, then #29, etc.  I think you get the idea.  Don't reward incompetency and ineptitude (eg. Edmonton).  So if a team plays hard but just miss playoffs, then your reward is highest chance at 1st pick.  


Sounds logical to me.  Comments?  Should I apply for job at NHL or STFU and get off CDC for a month?  

so if a team is bad they'll forever be bad coz they'll always have crap draftpicks forever?

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8 hours ago, The Bookie said:

It's not Doan's idea, it's Adam Gold's. It's been floated for a few yrs now. I like it aside from using mathematical elimination as a starting point which is why I suggested the trade deadline earlier in this thread.

I'd heard that as well. Just posted it as it came in for the idea though. As with anything, so many problems to point out why it won't work or isn't fair in some way. Moving it to the deadline doesn't help anything either since a team could be terrible until that point then trade away dead weight and bring in competitive players and young players to help improve the team only at that point. There's still the issue of a fair schedule for each team as far as competition and home and aways as well.


Imagine Edmonton last year (or any of the last several years for that matter) having the incentive of McDavid as their prize if they make solidifying moves at the trade deadline to finally improve the weaknesses of their team. They move Eberle and Yakupov for help in other areas and finally put together a string of wins with a solid team and plenty of young firepower remaining. The flip side is you see a team like us who certainly hasn't been good this season but has definitely been affected by injuries and would have little chance to put together that 1st overall winning record even with keeping players like Vrbata and Hamhuis rather than dumping them.


The truly bad teams will still be bad and they won't have any advantage of gaining the top pick to help them improve since it would be unattainable.

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9 hours ago, wai_lai416 said:

so if a team is bad they'll forever be bad coz they'll always have crap draftpicks forever?

Do you think about what you write before you press save?  I can only imagine how you phrased it before you got edited by mod.  Edmonton says hello.  


Under the present drafting system ... Oilers have been bad for the past 8 years and have had great draft picks.  Isn't it obvious that the present drafting system can produce the exact scenario that you've just described?  Present system rewards laziness and incompetency (tanking).  



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