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Patrick Kane

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4 minutes ago, Baer. said:

If you want an example, Tryamkin wouldn't be on the Canucks, because he was signed after the TDL. 

ok fine you win. he'd still be a canuck, just in the prospect pool.



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Didn't Jim Balsile want to move the Penguins to Hamilton?


I'm fine staying where I am though.


Also, would there be no trading in year 1, since some teams are technically over the cap IRL since the TD?  I'm curious as to how we would be able to work that out.

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7 minutes ago, TheRussianRocket. said:

Teams can now begin posting the 5 prospects they'd like to protect/keep. 



A prospect will be considered someone who is:

> under 23 years of age who has played less than 41 career NHL games as a forward or defenseman.

> under 23 years of age who has played less than 25 career NHL games as a goaltender.

41 games as of right now or at the start of the 2015-16 season?   

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