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Trade value of top 3 picks.


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21 minutes ago, chickenman92 said:

Makes you wonder how often teams look back and kick themselves. 


I wonder if there were offers on the table for Erik Johnson, RNH or Patrick Stefan

The Stefan pick was traded twice.


First the canucks had to get the 4th overall pick


Vancouver traded Bryan McCabe, 2000 or 2001 first round pick (2000 #11-Pavel Vorobiev) to Blackhawks for 1999 first round pick (#4-Pavel Brendl) on 1999-06-25

then they swapped it for the first


Vancouver traded 1999 first round pick (#4-Pavel Brendl), two 1999 third round picks (#75-Brett Scheffelmaier) (#88-Jimmie Olvestad) to Lightning for 1999 first round pick (#1-Patrik Stefan) on 1999-06-26

which they traded to Atlanta


Atlanta Traded 1999 first round pick (#2-Daniel Sedin), 2000 conditional third round pick (#67-Max Birbraer) to Canucks for 1999 first round pick (#1-Patrik Stefan) on 1999-06-26


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Maybe he's just saying that to set a pressedent.  If your not serious don't waste my time.  I'm sure he has other things planned he wants to work on via the trade front by saying it now it makes him look more authortative and arguably gives him an edge because he's not reacting to the situation.


 It's not like. Oh I got a top 3 pick. It's mine offer me something good or I'm keeping it.  In this case the teams know and it's a consistent message.  Smooth move andgood call by mastermind jb!

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On 4/22/2016 at 5:15 PM, Alflives said:

If we get first overall: OEL, Arizona first 2016, Domi. 


I don't think that does it. All three of these guys are likely franchise players.


Just as a comparison, would you make that trade for Ovi or would you need more?


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