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Was looking through my old computer the other day and found this beauty. I wrote this poem for school back when I was in Grade 7 when I was just 12, which was during the 2011 run. It's actually pretty good! Brings back memories for sure, can't help but feel nostalgic, for both the Canucks being unreal and for my childhood.




CANUCKS ACROSTIC POEM - May 31st, 2011 - Kai Lung


Canucks 13th captain is an

Agile skater while being a

Power play specialist and a

Top line centre.  He is an

Art Ross trophy winner, making

Insane passing plays.  He is a
Natural hockey player.


Highlight reel plays and

Endless and beautiful passes.  He is

No match for opponents but has

Respect for everyone with

Insane goal scoring.  He

Kicks his opponents butt.


Swedish Olympian with

Excellent leadership on and off the ice and

Dominating opponents on the ice while having

Integrity towards the officials with

Nonstop determination.


3rd overall draft pick, Henrik Sedin is

30 years old

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