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[Report]Mark Jankowski called up by CGY


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19 hours ago, ForsbergTheGreat said:

Oversold him in an understatement. 

In 10 years, Feaster predicted, "Jankowski will be viewed as the best player in the 2012 draft," adding "We felt we could take the gamble."


Flames were in position to pick up some really good players that are already good players in the NHL.  It's not that people think Jankowski is a complete bust it's more about how the flames completely missed the boat on that draft



I would almost be surprised if Jankowski does not get a two or three year run to carve out a career?


Feaster is long gone.  So who cares if he made an arse of himself back then. Jankowski will not be what he said.


At this stage he's still a 6'3" near 220 lb C with NHL speed & soft hands. He deserves a call up for good play in the AHL. 


Joe Colburne is also gone. Don't be surprised if he jumps up the depth chart. There are guys like Hamilton, Vey & Stajan "quote" / "unquote" ahead of him. There is room. I give him a better shot than Shinkaruk.


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