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Ironic that a player on our 50 man roster who never gets thought of as an NHL option might cause the most angst for Canuck brass ! Bachman's injury hardly got people crying that the 'sky is falling', but his absence might cause JB a lot of stress. If we can't get McKenna back from his fictitious 'conditioning' stint, JB is going to have to give up a prospect or a draft pick. Michael Leighton might end up falling into a nice lucrative NHL contract !


I think that the McKenna 'conditioning' stint started 30th Jan and has a 10 day life. Flyers probably wont send Hart anywhere, so they are pressured to waive McKenna or Stolarz. When McKenna was claimed by Flyers, I don't know if there was more than one claim put in. If they were the only claimant, I think we have the right to take McKenna back and send him directly to Utica. ( if there was more than one claimant they might have some rights ! )


PS....... McKenna has played one game in the AHL for them. LV plays Utica on Friday. Which bench will he be on ?


Edit: Conditioning stint for non injury is 14 days it seems !

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6 minutes ago, chilliwiggins said:

The western conference wildcard spot is so bottled up you can almost guarantee those bubble teams will be looking at any advantage to get ahead of the Canucks, so I am thinking there will be claims put in on a goalie if one arises.

Hmmm ? Not to sure what devious stuff other teams would do, but, if we sign Leighton to an NHL contract, he must be waived if they send/ keep him to Utica. Perhaps we shall find out who will be spoilers ! I think that if any team claimed Leighton, it might backfire on them !

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