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Mafia: Portland Food Truck Wars [Townies Win!!!] - Sign Up in Progress


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OK I'll just reveal my plan now, actually. How about the twinbalde role claims in attempt to start a town alliance with the other specials? Before you criticize consider that the twinblade is actually a fairly weak role that more often than not hurts the town anyways. I think that successfully putting the specials in contact with each other this early would almost guarantee us a win so I say it's worth it. 


As for preventing mafia scheming, the specials would wait a while after the claim before contacting the twinblade to allow time for a CC if there is a fake claim. Also, once the twinblade is contacted (if it gets that far), they would keep the identities of everyone private until they are confirmed. 


Worst case scenario is the mafia being forced to fake claim to prevent this amazing plan and that would result in a twinblade for mafia trade-off (twinblade kills fake claimer) which is definitely pro-town. 



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No PM, I'm TP again, Yay!

Seriously, I'm always nervous when I sign in, hoping that there is no PM. Whew.


2 hours ago, Beluga Whale said:

Whoever has the twinblade needs to be really careful. That role can easily cost the town the game if used incorrectly. DO NOT use the kill unless you're absolutely certain

How could the TB possibly know that?

Bw's mafia mind set, at work.


Vote BW

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I agree that the TB NEEDS to be very careful with his kill. It shouldn't be made in the first 2 rounds at least, I would think.

It was your "absolutely certain" that I wondered about. Reasonably certain is the best one could do.

Vig, refrain from a 1st.round kill also.

Any scum kills on a special will be a 'lucky' kill anyway.

Lonnnnng time to NF1, so I may joke some more today and will get in serious mode tomorrow if not sooner.


Unvote; Vote Everyone

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