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Brock Boeser named Rookie of the Month for November

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On 12/1/2017 at 1:47 PM, BCNate said:

Who do you feel will be the better player for us, Horvat, Boeser, or Petterson?


As much as I think Horvat and Boeser are going to be stars, I think that Petterson is going to be on the next level up from them.  

I want to put something into perspective. Not going to say you're right or wrong, but just to show what exactly Boeser is doing right now...


Boeser currently has most points than games played and is on pace to play pretty much a full season minus a couple of games.


There are only 3 other players since the year 2000 to accomplish this: Crosby, Ovechkin, and Malkin. With Boeser's current pace, he is currently having a better rookie season than Stamkos, Tavares, McDavid and pretty much every one else in over 15 years aside from the 3 mentioned previously.


Obviously it's still early, but given his consistency, it's looking rather probable that he'll be able to keep this up.

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Best Canucks rookie season since Bure’s. Appreciate these seemingly generational performances while you can. 


This is guy reminds me of a young Brett Hull in some ways, at least when he has the puck.


In the end, all that really matters to me is that my team plays with heart and determination. The winning is the gravy. A team of Horvats or Boesers or even our runt Dman is all the character a fan could ask for.


The character of this team is what I find to be their strength and knowing that there are other prospects and future Benning draft picks, no doubt character guys, available for the next few auditions to the team, it will only get better. The team plays the game the right way and the players no longer put the team at odds within the league and the hockey world.


Greene was a determined player and has been good for the culture of this team. Let’s see what he does when the talent finally arrives and he has the resources to insulate it with. 


Win the war, not the battle, JB. 


I don't care where they are in the standings or even about making the playoffs. I will consider it a miss if this management does not cash in on the assets they acquired last summer, including trying to move Edler and anything which may result in a rebuild of the core. An aggressive rebuild strategy is palatable to the paying fans every bit as much as watching transient UFAs and expiring NTCs “place-hold” the entertainment value of the team, in the meanwhile. 


Before the TDL passes, we will finally see resolved the question of re-thingy as management will have to show their cards on the whole notion of either choosing ticket sales and revenue or the risky business of culling the roster to stockpile picks and prospects, through trade, instead. 


My my preference is that of an aggressive rebuild strategy. This would not include a future roster space for the Sedins or anything resembling icing assets which could be readily acquired, once again, via FA. At this point, only Horvat, Boeser and Demko are untouchables, in the traditional sense, with Pettersson looking very likely to join those names as well. With the lack of superstar power on the roster, the team might be in a position to buy a Tavares or two in the near future. Look forward to an exciting summer, either way. 

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So now that "Bovember" is over, perhaps it can be time for the Sedins to get hot (they really seem to be getting their legs with Loui back to game speed) and the Canucks can experience "Secember"? 


Noticed in yesterday's game against TML that they were clogging (Leafs) the outlet passes to him that allow him to get some momentum to avoid him taking the puck in and taking his shot.   Hopefully coaches noticed that too and will stunt in some cross-overs or do a trailing dump in or similar to free up the strong side for him.   If they adjust in such a weigh and teams still try and cut off his progress from the Canuck blue line, lots of odd-man rush opportunities for Horvat and winger (Baer?, Goldobin? ???) which will end up giving space back to Boeser.  

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