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John Young, Astronaut, RIP age 87


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One of my first memories was watching him walk on the Moon on TV, always been a hero of mine. Naval Pilot, Test Pilot. Went to NASA where he flew Gemini 3 (And smuggled a corned beef sandwich on board), and Gemini 10. Flew Apollo 10 which was the dress rehearsal for the lunar landing of Apollo 11. Went on to command Apollo 16 where he became the 9th person to walk on the moon. After that he flew the first Space Shuttle Mission, in STS-1 and then STS-9 which first flew the spacelab. He was critical of NASA after the Challenger explosion. 

Logged 9,200 hours in space. You're among the Stars now John. Thank you for your guiding light, and ironically very down to earth and cool person. 



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3 hours ago, chon derry said:

what an exciting time to have seen all that happening as a 10 yr old in 69 , nothing exciting happens like that anymore, Today kids get to listen to trump and the crazy little Asian punk with all his new bombs.

It was my first memories being just turned 4. I was glued to the TV watching the coverage, wanting to bunny hop on the moon. 


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