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2019 EKL Entry Draft (1st Annual)


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Well we are down to the both

Image result for knitty gritty

the Knitty

Image result for Gritty

and the Gritty


We had a strong effort by all for 3.75 rounds, big pat on the back for that, everyone...seems to be more of a drift towards the finish line than a sprint..which is okay, let us finish strong though:

up now until 9am: @canucklax,

@Gally @Miroki ,

@Nail @JE14 second to last,

and @Patrick Kane with the final pick of the draft. 


Skipped picks that can be made up right now:  @Blue Jay 22,  @BM24


Happy picking of these final 11 selections of the 2019 and first ever, EKL ENTRY DRAFT!!!!!!


edited at 10:55...keep calm and draft on. 

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Arizona has acquired Caboose' pick for Arizona's 5th in 2020.  


We now select Yaroslav Likhachyov, born Sept 2nd 2001, and so is eligible. 


@canucklax is on the clock until 9am tomorrow morning, followed by Gally, Nail and P.K. 


edit: he has an alias: a.k.a. "Iaroslav Likhachev"

Edited by Primal Optimist
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Big thanks to everyone for a great draft. I felt it ran smooth and efficiently even with timers!


All prospects have been added to the sheet! 


@Blue Jay 22

@Nail // @JE14

@Patrick Kane


The above GM's have 1 pick to make up! They will have till Friday night at 11:59 PM PT to get those picks in. If they fail to do so, they will surrender their pick and end up with no player. I am setting this in as I do not want the real draft to be used to cheat and get a player who may have risen higher then someone may have thought (Though unlikely).


Again thanks to all and to those who helped the draft continue and helped with the spreadsheets. 

If you notice an error or an omission please PM and not post in thread. Some of the ages may be off, but those will be fixed as I go through the sheets and add NHL ID and Team Logos to the names.


With some time now I will also edit the spreadsheets for all team logos and ages, and some may lose their logo (If they are a RL FA). Help some guys keep track! 

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