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2019 EKL Entry Draft (1st Annual)

Relyt Krets

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Welcome to the 1st Annual 2019 EKL Entry Draft, hosted by the great city of Vancouver, BC Canada, GM @Jaku and the VAN.png.208818ca106306e797442b03f21a346f.png

The draft will be tracked here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11O3lMFSw6P8GBgrwpe5NxeE3is4TCQQ2MYsLL4qfxp0/edit?usp=sharing



House Keeping;


-This thread will be used for drafting purposes only. Please keep all other chatter (Trades and reactions) in the main EKL thread


-The draft clock will not be starting until either after the Stanley Cup and EKL Cup Champions have been crowned, or at a later date, dependant on how far the progress of the draft is. Timers will be as follows:


1st Round = 4 hours

2nd Round = 2 hours

3rd Round = 1 hour

4th Round = 45 Mins

5th Round = 30 Mins


-The draft clock will run from 8:00 AM PT to 10:00 PM PT. There are no limits to make your picks outside these hours


-Please do your due diligence and tag the next GM after your pick


-If a GM misses their pick, they will be skipped and can make their pick up at a later time whenever convenient for them. If they miss their original pick and are not around for their 2nd pick, their times will be cut in half.


-If you feel you are going to miss your pick and fear missing out on your player, please send a list to Tylez and Canucklax


-The draft coordinators for this draft are @Nail, @Blue Jay 22, @inane, @canucklax, @Primal Optimist and myself. Thank you in advanced to these guys for lending a helping hand


-If you trade for a pick and the timers are going, the timer does not reset. Please do not post any picks until a trade is announced. There are 3 trade trackers in the league so there should be ample time between submitting and posting a trade. In the event that the timer is close to expiring, the GM with the original pick can make the pick for the GM he is trading with, and the trade will be posted with the drafted player rather then the pick


-Players eligible to be drafted are players born between January 1 1999 and September 15 2001. Any players older/younger than these guidelines are not eligible to be drafted.


Everyone have fun! Good Luck and without any more Blab


With the 1st overall pick in the 1st Annual EKL Entry Draft, the WSH.png.04a5c293231faab3b2f740481dd6bd73.png @Squeak are up to kick us off!

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