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Decline of Erik Karlsson


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6 hours ago, Where's Wellwood said:

To piggy back on this discussion of SJ Dmen in fantasy leagues:


I have Burns and I was offered Ellis. Non-keeper points league. G=1 A=1 PPP=0.5 SHP=1 Shot, hit, block= 0.05 each 


Should I take it?

I'd rather have Burns.


4 hours ago, zduck14 said:

Ya. I passed on it. It was more for the draft picks and then to try and flip Karlsson (which i doubt id be able to do). We can only keep 7 and I need to choose 7 guys from this list:












I bolded the 7 I'd keep if deciding today. Can make a case for Krug, but tough to keep 4D and only 3F. Might be worth trying to trade 1 of your D for a high end F.

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32 minutes ago, Master Mind said:

I'd rather have Burns.


I bolded the 7 I'd keep if deciding today. Can make a case for Krug, but tough to keep 4D and only 3F. Might be worth trying to trade 1 of your D for a high end F.

I agree. Kinda hoping to be able to trade Malkin and Krug for a younger elite forward. If I'm out of the running by the trade deadline, I might be able to get Kucherov for them...

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On 2/8/2021 at 10:10 AM, zduck14 said:

I know the Sharks overall aren't close to what they used to be but I was wondering what everyone thought of Erik Karlsson in particular.  I'm in a fairly competitive keeper league and was offered Karlsson, Schmidt and a 3rd and 5th round picks next year for Krug and McAvoy. 


The part I'm having trouble with is trying to figure out whether or not Karlsson can turn things around. I've read a few places that he was finally 100% healthy for the first time since joining San Jose so I obviously expected him to be better than he has been. What is your opinion on Karlsson? For some reason my gut is telling me that his ankle injuries are finally catching up to him and he's not going to be much more than he is now moving forward. 


Also, what are your guys' thoughts on the trade offer above? Am I overthinking it? I'm super high on McAvoy as far as keeper leagues go.



I get a lot of stuff wrong when it comes to hockey but I nailed my Eriksson prediction.  Giving that type of term and money was a slap in the face to other players on the team that had willingly taken relatively low cap hit deals in order to be consistently competitive.   

FWIW - I had also predicted that the Leafs would also regress as a team upon signing Tavares.   My assertion was that Matthews and Marner would also want huge up front non-bridge deals which would prevent the Leafs from being able to sign their important depth players (JVR, Bozak, etc.).   

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I traded Doughty for Karlsson in another league but that's because Doughty was on a longer and more expensive contract... and I have a real soft spot for Karlsson. His few successful years in Ottawa made him one of my favorite dmen of all time. 


But in your case I definitely think that McAvoy>Karlsson and Krug>Schmidt. 

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