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  2. I do like that Lewt is being a hand and a half rn by being super active, but im pretty sure he is the last mafia
  3. Here's the thing for me...the world IS changing and, with it, we have to get used to being open to new ideas that go against the grain of what's always been. Will some exploit these changes and use them as a means to fulfill hidden agendas? Yes. But those are the bad apples and we can't stand in the way of progress and moving forward because there are opportunists out there.
  4. Announcement: Please join me in welcoming @Silver Ghost as the newest GM of the Washington Capitals! Welcome to the league!
  5. Bandwagon "CFD" vote on AV, Falcon or Lewt?
  6. Ohhh the vig tried killing MH last round So the vig has to be Qwags. Its not TL, its not AV, its not Lewt, I doubt its Falcon... The vig is Qwags, you're welcome mafia :/ Everyone should unvote Qwags imo
  7. And the Laine stuff too. I could see them dropping 10 points. Buff is great though. Wish we had him.
  8. Kassian Nurse Bodz Khaira. Oilers still tougher than Canucks. Ferland is only Canuck who can stand with any of those guys. Unless McEwen and Schaller and Roussel all in the lineup it's not even close.
  9. Waivers: The St. Louis Blues have claimed Nick Foligno off of waivers from the Ottawa Senators. The following players have cleared waivers: David Backes (VAN)
  10. Where did I say st Louis defense is worse than van? Marky, for me, was a top 10 goalie behind a porous defense and injury riddled team. I think he's going to be in the top 5-7 this season.
  11. Now watch Sportsnet and Tsn offseason new power rankings having TO, Calgary and Edmonton ahead of Canucks.
  12. Saw a video where Kypreos was saying that the Flames wanted to improve their toughness. I think he also said they're counting on a return to form for Lucic.
  13. Yes, gained one though. Pionk. Not a good net outcome. But kept Byfuglien & Morrisey. Most important lefty & most important righty. Short term anyway. There window is much more positive if Buff stays healthy. Obviously, they would have preferred Trouba (younger, would have been long term best righty). But have to deal with cards dealt.
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  15. Hold up.. you would literally vote everyone else over Qwags atm?
  16. totally spitballing here calgary gets a conditional 1st rounder which they have agreed to forfeit if they re-sign lucic for another 7 year deal after this one expires
  17. Conditional pick is a 3rd in 2020, no word on what the condition is... nor what salary is retained
  18. James Neal Salary is $5.75M while Lucic, having had his $3M bonus paid on July 1st, will have a salary of $3M next year. So Edmonton spending 2.75M cash to save 250k of cap space. Not really sure how the deal got past Edmonton ownership. Seems like every move the Oilers make, they somehow lose.

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