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  1. Miller-Pettersson-Toffoli Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-Sutter From listening to Jim Benning today it didn't sound promising for Ferland and Leivo's return. Agree about PK being important!
  2. Miller-Pettersson-Toffoli Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Ferland-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-Sutter *Put Sutter over Mac and Roussel because of PK. Also if Gaudette is getting killed at centre they can make adjustments mid game and shift Gaud to wing. If Gaud plays well and doesn't look like he needs to be sheltered we can rotate Roussel and Mac to play physical
  3. Really like your forward combos and I like that you have Tryamkin and Rafferty on the back end. However, I think we have to let Tanev go. He isn't taking a discount on salary or term to stay. Will command 5x5,Often injured and only wasn't because of Hughes. If is tough tho because who replaces him right? I'd like to see us aggressively pursue via trade maybe Ryan Pulock( needs new contract but could be had for 4.8-5.25 ish on a long term deal), Brett Pesce( cost controlled 4 years @ 4.025) or Damon Severson (cost controlled 3 years @ 4.16). Maybe dangle Juolevi/Rathbone + Virtanen or something along those lines. In that case Leivo bumps up to the third line or Kole Lind from Utica looks close Hughes-Myers Edler-__________ Tryamkin-Rafferty
  4. I'm not just throwing him away for nothing lol. You're getting a solid number #3 defensemen that is a right handed shot. Believe me I don't wanna trade Rathbone. I doubt those teams are giving away those D I mentioned, without getting a solid D prospect back. I'd say Juolevi but his value isn't there right now and I believe he is still gonna be top 4 for us.
  5. I think we should keep Leivo and trade Virtanen for a top RHD. Severson, Pulock, Pesce... Maybe dangle Virtanen + Rathbone Edler-Myers Hughes- _____________ (One of 3 mentioned above) Tryamkin-Rafferty ( One problem with this pairing is Rafferty got no games with big club this year. Definitely think he can play at this level though. Tryamkin has a lot of promise and played well when he was here, but now people question if he can play at this level after playing in the KHL for 3 seasons ) If you don't like that 3rd pairing and think it is unstable. You could go one of them with Stecher
  6. Motte for Leivo and love that lineup! Just style of play and PK ability. Agree with Rooster and Sutter gone! Also, hopefully Ferland gets back healthy!
  7. I think it was a defensemen that Calgary signed like the next day if I remember correctly
  8. Miller-Petey-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli(5.5x4) Ferland-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-MacEwen Edler-Rafferty Hughes-Tryamkin Juolevi-Myers Benn Marky Demko Trade Roussel Dont resign Tanev
  9. Didn't light it up offensively this season. 2G 5A in 26 games. Hope next year he's better
  10. Man I can't believe Kuzma goes on the Air and is like he probably needs to go to Utica. I just shake my head
  11. Edler-Myers Hughes-Tryamkin Benn-Rafferty Thoughts?
  12. Miller-Pettersson-Toffoli Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Ferland-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-MacEwen Hughes-Tryamkin Edler-Rafferty Juolevi-Myers Out - Tanev, Eriksson,Sutter,Roussel,Stecher Markstrom Demko
  13. If Rafferty doesn't get a shot now, I will seriously question JB and Green. IMO can't be anywhere near as bad as Benn and Fantenberg are most nights. Edit - not to mention he has been patient and earned a callup. Played I think 2 games for us last season and didn't look out of place. He impressed at training camp this season. Eventually you have to believe in the guy and play him. He won't hurt us, will only help!
  14. All this excitement and he can't even play this season for us. CDC how we &^@# this up?
  15. Rick Dhailiwal just tweeted out that Tryamkin season is over but can NOT play for the Canucks this season..... Hoping he made a mistake??
  16. Took your advice and used the past 3 hours to collect my thoughts. I want this team to win so bad, I love this team. I bleed blue and green. I guess its hard for me to stay positive sometimes when all I've ever seen is everything go wrong for this team. I became a fan of the team back in 2008 maybe 2007? I was 8 or 9 and the Canucks were up and coming. In 2011 I saw them come 1 win away, like everyone else did. I got that taste of us being so close. For the last 8 years its been painful to watch and yet I've stuck around and cheered for the team because we were so close . It tough as a fan when it seems like I take the losses harder than some of our own players on the team. The desire to win seems to be missing with certain players. To do whatever it takes to win. I don't want to sit here and bash guys but when I see Sutter out there not hitting anybody, bringing little offence most night and playing soft, it drives me crazy. It may not be your game, but look like your willing to do whatever it takes to win. Go to battle with your teammates. He plays decent defence but every NHL player can play decent defence. I guess some guys are wired differently, with a certain mentality. He doesn't stay late after practice to work on details like he's trying to get better. Seems content with being average. To me its unacceptable and shows you the true colours of the player. When the going gets tough you see Petey stay out after practice because he missed 1 pass from JT the game before and didn't score. That tells you all you need to know. Thats the difference between Sutter and guys that have that desire to be better. I see an "A" on Sutter's sweater and hear all this stuff about he's great for Petey and the young guys, and I guarantee Sutter hasn't taught them one thing they don't already know (Unless its a country song lol), nor do they look up to him. Now JT Miller a guy who busts his ass, stays late after practice to work on set plays/work with the young guys, a guy who drags the team into the fight and will go to battle with/for teammates, not to mention communicate/guide them on the ice and shows emotion. Now that's someone id look at and try to be like. I just don't like the optics side of things from management/coaching. I know its a business but c'mon. Foundational player(Sutter) and Little things Loui. It's like cut the BS, get rid of them and and once you do own your mistake and say it didn't work here. Don't just have them waste roster spots and take away from deserving players.
  17. Jesus I can't watch this soft hockey anymore. Can't wait until Tryamkin arrives