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  1. Now I know you might want to shoot me but here goes as Ottawa trying to hit cap floor: Tanev Eriksson for Ryan DeMelo 2020 2nd Fire away lol
  2. and i'm not saying he wasn't but Larionov is remmbered more as a Red Wing.
  3. I would love to see it too. If he works great, if not and say even around the 1mil for one year not really a loss. With Tryamkin, Goldobin, and Podkolzin in the system you could set up an interesting situation going forward for Russian talent coming to Vancouver as the history isn't glowing. Bure was the only exception for a Russian in Vancouver to date.
  4. Funny you bring up that name because I would love to see a Virtanen for Tyler Bertuzzi swap. Detroit would never do it but I'd love to see it lol.
  5. He's what this team needs (ie virtanen role model). Hes had highs and lows in this league and still pushes on and toughs it out. The easiest thing to teach a professional is how to win, the most difficult is how to lose. He's done both and I would say the younger players need that.
  6. Myers is going to be a bidding war with Karlsson gone and we don't want a part of that. His stats look impressive. If we could by Low enough for sure. No reason not to have options in training camp.
  7. In theory for sure definitely works and I do like Miller's game.
  8. you might have to throw in another defenseman as tanev might only be good for 60 games. maybe rights to tryamkin too might get it done.
  9. I've said this all along. Edler is a great defenceman when he is in the lineup. As of late the injuries are piling up and he's in the line up less and less. This is why in my opinion take the money and find another serviceable defenceman who will actually play more. I wouldn't suggest a Karlsson or Myers but someone along the Lines of Gardiner or Sustr for example. The best way is draft and develop but can find help via free agency when that fails.
  10. Don't know about positive value when only available for a 3rd of the year. I'm not saying I would add I'm saying they would probably ask for it. A 1 for 1 I would definitely take the gamble as he may come back to the form of his first year. If not no biggie got out from under the injury plagued.
  11. I would honestly say if we could somhow swing Tanev for Zaitsev I would be all over it. I'm sure TO would ask for a late pick or C prospect as well but for us it might also be incentive for Tryamkin to come back as well.
  12. So you are thinking the Devils may have to give Vancouver a 3rd or 4th pick as well?
  13. For wingers I would have to say we need not swing for the fences and get in trouble again. With this said my UFA List would be: Anders Lee and perhaps Ryan Dzingel as LW targets. The only RW if we are looking to interest me is Brandon Tanev. If we could possibly get 1 or 2 at say 4 x 6m or under I would consider it a win.
  14. Actual salary requirements for 2nd rd pick: $2,029,660 - $4,059,322 1 Second Round Pick
  15. My thoughts exactly because I think Soderstrom may be the guy. We also should attempt one of Skinner or Lee in free agency for front end help. Skinner will definitely cost more.
  16. We need the D first and foremost not forwards.
  17. You say no assets but 5 mil in cap space is a pretty good asset. If he asks for too much you move on.
  18. Agree. Stay the course. One day you might have a pool like the Jets then you can compete for years after. Draft and develop is the best option.
  19. if we wade in to that pool and doesn't cost too much on term or dollars I say Gardiner and Myers would be targets even though I would take Trouba over Myers anyday.
  20. Crow is definitely not the man for the job. This firing is only to give Dorion and Melnyk a pass until puck drops next year.
  21. Just a question for the forums here as I am assuming you are one of the moderators. Is there a way to archive or close all the older irrevalant anymore  posts.

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