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  1. I two would have preferred a D at 40 . This reminds me of taking Lind over Hague big mistake. This will turn out the same.
  2. I like, size and compete plus skill
  3. Good Job on this pick size matters
  4. I would have traded for Marleau
  5. What? Biega ?Your kidding right,
  6. JB must think that the college ranks are the way to restock his D
  7. Chiarelli ? why would the Canucks even consider this guy . He is a goof Mark Hunter would be my pick move JB to the head of scouting.
  8. JB needs a good D man to be added. It will be a bounce back season for a lot of players.
  9. I totally agree JTM will make our top 6 better. JB has a whole year to get that pick back. But I think drafting a right D man in the second round would have been better.
  10. JTM will make our top 6 better so good trade. However JB needs to work hard to get that first back. What concerns me is the lack of picks in the second round when he could have picked up anther second. And the lack of picking a Dman in the second. Clearly they thought that they got the best player but I would have went D. I guess JB figures the Canuck's D is stable . JB has a plan? so wait and see. Its not my job on the line
  11. Jim Benning does not have a contract for next year because? Mark Hunter will be our new GM
  12. Podkolzin has way more skill in his left foot than Booth and Virtanen
  13. The only thing that will wake Jake up is a trade, 3rd line fodder.
  14. JB needs to get his trading cap on and pick up some second round picks at least two , 32 and 33 for , one of the following each Stecher , Bartschi, or Tanev,
  15. Package Tanev with a prospect and Virtanen for a first. Buffalo's first