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  1. Hindustan Smyl

    The maturing of Bo Horvat

    Based on the first 5/6th of this season, I believe that Horvat is ready to be the captain of this team. However, I also believe that management made the corrext decision heading into this season (4A’s). I would give Horvat the captaincy either at the start of next season, or on Sedin appreciation night where Henrik would symbolically pass the torch (and C) to BoHo.
  2. Hindustan Smyl

    Benning on TSN1040

    Yyyyyyyyyyep! :D
  3. Hindustan Smyl

    Michael DiPietro | G

    I’m basing this on nothing but a hunch, by does anyone else besides me feel that Dipietro will not only be our goalie of the future, but will also be a future star in this league? Im going to go out on a limb and make this prediction. Despite being undersized, Dipietro just seems so confident and dynamic back there. He also really seems like he enjoys the challenge of being the goaltender back there. The impression I get from Demko is that he’s a little stiff. I think Demko might be a decent goalie in the league one day, but I’m not seeing stardom in him. Hopefully, I’m wrong.
  4. Hindustan Smyl

    This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Fair enough. I haven’t analysed our cap in depth, but if there’s a fit there and it makes sense, then by all means.
  5. Hindustan Smyl

    This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    I think a combination of the Canucks making room for Juolevi and Hughes, along with the Canucks needing to free up cap space, makes this a strong likelihood.
  6. Hindustan Smyl

    This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Exciting times to be a Canucks fan for sure. The Canucks really do seem to have taken a substantial leap even with all of these injuries. When you add to fact that Juolevi and Hughes will likely join the team next year, and perhaps Tryamkin after that, things definitely look like they’re on the up and up. Like you said - did anyone ever expect this out of Hutton and Gudbranson?!?! I certainly didn’t. I think Pouliot and Del Zotto are gone after this season however.
  7. Hindustan Smyl

    This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Great post. unlike the three previous seasons, the Canucks seem to be far more resistant to the injury bug and seemingly have more depth everywhere (net, far, up front.....and even on defense). I’m cautiously optimistic. I love what I see so far give or take 1-2 things. One game at a time.
  8. Hindustan Smyl

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins | Nov. 08, 2018

    The biggest difference (so far) between the Canucks this year and the Canucks in the three seasons previous, is that we seem to be far more resistant to injuries. While the Canucks were able to play competitive without key injuries, they crashed badly when they had these. This year however, they have already faced key injuries and have seemingly taken things in stride. Im cautiously optimistic. The Canucks May have turned a corner after all. One game at a time. I’m not going to get ahead of myself.
  9. Can the Canucks afford to re-sign Edler after this season? Here is my thought: Realistically, we won’t be able to. 1) Edler will want a long term deal. I don’t see him signing here for less than 3 years. 2) The Canucks will need to re-up Boeser, along with some other RFA’s. 3) Ben Hutton has emerged this year and is ready to take on more responsibility. 4) Hughes and Juolevi will likely be on the team next season. So - while there would be an obvious benefit in resigning Edler, I question as to whether it’s practical or even realistic given the term and money he’ll likely want. How do you guys seeing things playing out?
  10. Canucks would have won game 7 in 2011 if the 12 year old Elias Pettersson had been playing. I’m kidding.......or am I? Canucks lose in OT once again.
  11. Hindustan Smyl

    Petterssons next contract

    It’s a pipe dream but if we can lock both Boeser and Pettersson to NathanMackinnonEsque contracts, and get everyone to buy in to taking discounts, we could build a real winner here......and experience the kind of success that Chicago has between 2010-2015.
  12. Hindustan Smyl

    Horvat’s line

    Without Sutter and Beagle, the Canucks need Horvat in another capacity. You know, as impressed as I have been with Elias Pettersson this season, I’m almost equally as impressed with Horvat. The poise, the versatility, and the leadership of Horvat has really impressed me. His defensive play is a little weak, but this is a guy that does everything else. He’ll score for you, fight for you, be a situational utility guy for you, etc. These are the guys you win with. Horvat has earned the C and should be made captain next season. We compare EP to Datsyuk and Gretzky, but I compare Horvat to Toews, Linden, and Yzerman in terms of his leadership. He’s a 22 year old kid with the maturity of a 35 year old. (I on the other hand, am a 37 year old guy with the maturity of a 15 year old kid :p).
  13. Hindustan Smyl

    Is There A Player Pettersson Can Be Compared To?

    Pavelias Pettersyuk.
  14. If im the Canucks, I take it one game at a time quite honestly. Over the past few years, the Canucks have often fielded competive teams up until about January-February.....where they then felll of a cliff (sometimes due to too many key injuries). Given the Canucks recent history, I’d honestly just take it one game at a time.
  15. Hindustan Smyl

    [PGT] Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 31, 2018

    It really is the weirdest thing. Like I said - great people over there, but I’ll just never understand the excessive negativity. Is it even really healthy to be that negative? Not just from a hockey perspective but from a life perspective. For some people, the sky literally is falling all of the time I guess. To each their own. I wish them nothing but the best.