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  1. Hindustan Smyl

    [Proposal] What the team should look like next year

    1) Goldobin-Pettersson-Virtanen. The two players that are closest to “breaking out” are Goldobin and Virtanen. Who better than to help these guys get to the next level than our best player? 2) Pearson-Horvat-Boeser Pearson moves the 2nd line and plays with players that complement his style (and skating) a little more. 3) Baertschi-Gaudette-Leivo Gaudette plays with two guys that have a half decent ability to put the puck in the net. 4) Roussel-Beagle-Motte 1) Edler-Stecher keep this successful pairing intact. 2) Hughes-Tanev Tanev mentors Hughes and helps him get up to speed. I don’t think this will take very long. Less than one year. 3) Gardiner-Myers Gardienr and Myers are NOT world beaters and both players have their fair share of warts and injury histories. Here’s what both players will offer us however.......very good depth. With this defense, the Canucks should have enough depth to stay afloat when the injury bug hits. Injuries and subsequent depth exposure has been this teams’ number one problem in my opinion. This problem should be averted with a co-signing of Gardiner and Myers. 1) Markstrom 2) Demko
  2. Canucks signing Duchene would tick a lot of boxes 1) A relatively low AAV: I use the word “relative” because I don’t think Duchene could be had at less than 9 million......maybe in the high 8’s? Compared to guys like Stone and Karlsson, I think that’s pretty decent value: 2) A super top line: Duchene-Pettersson-Boeser would be a very formidable scoring line. 3) Left wing would become a big strength: If Duchene signed here, we would be fairly deep on LW all of a sudden. Duchene would be in our top line while Pearson would move down to a more appropriate 2nd line. Roussel and Baertschi would round out the bottom 6 left side. 4) Duchene’s presence would also guarantee depth down the middle. Duchene also plays center. If a guy like Sutter was to break a fingernail and be out for 10 weeks, you could simply move Duchene to center and have Horvat anchor the 3rd Line. Either way - we would be less susceptible to injuries down the middle.
  3. Hindustan Smyl

    Overhauling The Canucks - What Would You Do?

    Bingo. That’s what I was thinking as well. When the Canucks have had a relatively healthy defense, they’ve usually held their own and accumulated points that was consistent with that of a Wildcard playoff caliber team. They’ve been like this for the most part since 2015-2016. Unfortunately for the Canucks, they really tend to fall off a cliff when they have some key injuries. I think a double signing of Gardiner and Myers would address that. 1) With the addition of Gardiner and Myers, all of our dmen in the Line-up would be “very good” 2rd pairing dmen at minimum, and no one would look out of place on a 2nd pairing. 2) Hughes would have more veteran options to play with (ie if Tanev got hurt, Hughes could play with Myers.....and if Myers was hurt, Hughes could play with Tanev). 3). We’d have two PMD’s which would help with our offense. Gardiner and Hughes specialise in moving the puck up ice. We’d go from having zero true PMD’s to two. 4) Edler, Tanev, Myers, and Gardiner could have evenly allocated ice-time which could in effect, keep all 4 guys more consistently healthier. I think that’s the key point right here. One big reason why Edler and Tanev consistently get injured is because they are overexerted......and they were over exerted in the past because they were our only good defensemen up until this year (Hutton and Stecher finally emerged this year). Still - with Gardiner and Myers here, pressure can be taken off of Edler and Tanev. 5) Trade Hutton for a pick......fill the pipeline. Edler should have been used here but use Hutton instead. We might be able to get a late first (likely a high 2nd + long shot prospect is more likely). Edler-Stecher Hughes-Tanev Gardiner-Myers 6) Sign Edler for 2 years. High AAV + full NTC and NMC. He gets all of this in exchange for accepting a 2 year term. 7) Woo replaces Tanev whenever Woo is ready. 8) One of Juolevi or Tryamkin replaces Edler when one of the aforementioned are ready.
  4. 1) Invest in Gardiner for depth. Although Gardiner has his warts, he’s still a guy that can..... a) Move the puck up Ice and QB a PP (our 2nd Unit) b) Be a very good 3rd pairing dman and can fill on the 2nd pairing if necessary. As it relates to point ‘B’, Gardiner would be a huge upgrade over Gudbranson, Pouliot, Schenn, and Sautner. As a result, I don’t think the Canucks’ D would be as nearly as susceptible to the injury bug on D. Gardiner would be a guy that could easily fill in on the top Incase of injuries. 2). Letting our youth develop behind Eddie and Tanev. Here’s what I’d like to possibly see. Edler-Myers Hughes-Tanev Gardiner-Stecher Hughes gets mentored by Tanev. The best thing I like about the above, is that NONE of those 6 men would look out of place if they had to play Top 4 (unlike these past 5 years). While we would still lack in terms of having that franchise D man, we would be far more resistant to injuries (which I think was a far bigger detriment to us than our lack of top end talent). -Use the draft to accumulate top end talent -Use UFA to increase depth. 3) Erik Karlsson Two things scare me about Karlsson. a) He’s becoming injury prone. b) His AAV would be ridiculously high......which would then eliminate any possibility whatsoever of our current young core taking hometown discounts of any kind when they become RFA’s (case in point, Toronto). If Karlsson gets injured for any stretch of time, then the Canucks’ defense would be back to square one. 4) Hutton for a draft pick: We could move Hutton for a 2nd or even a late first and continue to fill the pipeline. This would have been Edler ideally, but his NTC handicapped us. Hutton gives that opportunity.
  5. Honestly, Before making this post, I thought it was a given that Gardiner was a better defenseman than Hutton. This may not be the case though? Regardless however - Gardiner would be an upgrade on the following: -Pouliot -Biega -Gudbranson -Schenn So - my *current* line of thinking is that even if Gardiner isn’t a Top 4 caliber dman, he’d still be considered an excellent 3rd pairing guy hat wouldn’t look completely out of place on the Top 4 Incase of injuries. By contrast, the aforementioned 4 were 7th caliber dmen (atleast Guds was when he was here). We wouldn’t have that problem anymore. Hutton is a good defenseman, but you could also get a 2nd rounder for him......maybe even a late first. Resulting benefits: 1) With Edler, Myers, Hughes, Tanev, Gardiner, and Stecher, NONE of our defensemen wouldn’t look out of place playing on the 2nd pairing in case of injuries. This would be a huge contrast to what we saw these past few years when our defense was decimated by injuries. 2) You can “stockpile the cupboards” by trading Hutton for a draft pick. This should have been Edler, but his NTC prevented us from moving him. 2) Woo or Tryamkin replaces Tanev when Tanev’s contract expires. 3) Juolevi or Tryamkin replaces Edler after two years. (I think we should sign Edler to a 2 year deal with a relatively high AAV, NTC, and NMC......so that Edler agrees to the term length). 4) Obviously, simultaneously signing Gardiner and Myers would prevent us from signing or trading for an elite dman, but that’s where drafting and developing comes in. We hope Hughes becomes our ‘alpha’ one day, and we also hope that one of our drafted dmen becomes a top pairing guy as well.
  6. I have a few thoughts and questions: 1) Although the general consensus is that Gardiner and Myers aren’t world beaters (and many even claim that Gardiner “sucks”), to what relative degree is it? For example - although Gardiner “sucks,” is he still a better defenseman than Pouliot, Gudbranson, Biega, Schenn, and Sautner? Are Gardiner and Myers better than Hutton and Stecher? 2) If you had to rank the following defensemen (from first to worst), where would rank the following? (I’ll list them alphabetically): -Edler -Gardiner -Hughes -Hutton -Myers -Pouliot -Sautner -Schenn -Stecher -Tanev 3) Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “Although a lack of depth and a lack of upper elite talent is why the Canucks are currently a non-playoff team (and have been a non playoff team for a few years), their lack of depth on defense is their BIGGEST issue.....and is the issue that needs the most attention. Use the draft to collect elite talent. Use UFA to collect depth. Therefore, simultaneously signing Gardiner and Myers might actually be better for the Canucks than signing someone like Karlsson.” Edler, Tanev, Gardiner, Myers, Hughes, and Stecher can share equal ice-time. This allow the defense to not be over exerted and less injuries can occur as a result.”
  7. Hindustan Smyl

    [Discussion] When did the Canucks Truly Start Rebuilding?

    We technically started to rebuild in 2014 when Luongo got traded. A good rebuild will usually take between 5-7 years. What this means? I believe that IF the Canucks have done things right, then our “work in progress” should become a “completed project” sometime between the 2019 trade deadline (already passed) and the 2021 trade deadline.
  8. Lol. Exactly. If people want to act like braying sackless panicking donkeys, then hockeysfuture/Canucks is the best place to be.
  9. Hindustan Smyl

    Why does Canucks offense suck?

    I believe the biggest reason why our offense is lackluster is due to the fact that we don’t have any good PMD’s........until now: :naughty: Hughes should help big time here, and I also think the addition of Gaudette will give us 3 scoring lines next year. Our offense wont be a powerhouse next season, but I do believe that it will be much improved. Perhaps one free agent signing (Duchene, Ferland, etc,) will also help.
  10. Is there really a crisis or an issue? Markstrom, Baertschi, Goldobin, Gaudette, and Demko all seemed to develop and transition just fine. MacEwan, Brisebois, and Sautner all seem to be on the cusp as well. Utica prides itself on having a competitive winning culture. Kids will have to EARN their spots rather than having it gifted to them. I’m not sure if I really see a problem here.
  11. Dallas won’t give up Benn for the lackluster package. Benn had an off year, but Dallas will give him lots of time to redeem himself.
  12. Brendan Gaunce for Connor McDavid.
  13. Fair enough. I didn’t realize that Gardiner had fallen off so much. I remember a few short years ago, he was outplaying Rielly (and the mantra was that Rielly was being given more opportunities than Gardiner despite Gardiner outplaying him). Obviously - Rielly is much better than Gardiner now, but yeah......I had no idea Gardiner had fallen off that much.
  14. Hindustan Smyl

    [Proposal] Loui Eriksson for Zack Smith

    Not a bad idea. As far as the Sens go, I think one “bad contract” that they might be willing to take on from us would be Tim Schaller’s. He’ll only have one year remaining and he’d help push Ottawa’s cap up a little. Who knows - maybe we get a 4th or 5th out of it and end up with another Adam Gaudette.
  15. [proposal] signing both Myers and Gardiner in the off season I think most of us have pondered the idea of what it would be like if we had Erik Karlsson here (ie franchise superstar - can log big minutes, etc,) and so I won’t go any further into that. There’s another idea that I’m interested in.....namely, significantly increasing the depth of our defense via signing Gardiner and Myers. While neither Gardiner nor Myers are world beaters, these guys would be a significant upgrade over Gudbranson, Pouliot, Biega, Schenn, and some of the other bottom pairing D that we’ve had on this team. Since 2015, one of the biggest reasons why we’ve continuously missed the playoffs, is because of injuries to our defense......which then exposed our lack of depth. If Gardiner and Myers were here, would we still be considered to be a team that lacked defensive depth? Edler-Stecher Gardiner-Myers Hughes-Tanev 1) Hutton could be moved for a pick (as an aside, would Hutton be capable of landing us a 1st round pick from an elite team?). 2) Woo would eventually replace Tanev. 3) One of Juolevi or a returning Tryamkin would eventually replace Edler (who I’d extend for 2 years). I wonder if something like this would be worth our while?