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  1. I’d be on board for an Alex Biega + 2nd rounder for Thomas Chabot.
  2. My prediction is that a deal gets done after the Pre-Season finishes but before the Regular Season starts. All of Canuck Fandom become excited (with the obvious exception being HF Canuck posters).
  3. I’m with Eriksson on this one (and Green for that matter). The comments that Eriksson made were blown way out of proportion by the trollish Canadian hockey media. Let Eriksson focus on hockey and try and get his game back. Eriksson has never been a driver of play, but has always been a good facilitator when playing with strong lines mates. With Ferland, Miller, and Pearson all here now, Eriksson will have more opportunities to play with better line mates even in a bottom 6 capacity. With Eriksson facing the threat of being sent to the farm and having to bite boners down there, I think he’ll come to camp motivated and determined. I think Eriksson will have a strong bounce back year and will do well enough to garner some trade value.
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    Joe Thornton told me that he enjoyed drinking the milk from the cow very much, and looks forward to doing the same thing tomorrow.
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    No, it’s not for “reals.” It was me attempting to be humorous (and failing apparently).
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    Why does this cow have four penises? (albeit, very tiny ones).
  7. Especially in today’s NHL. There was a time (not too long ago) Where teams that had the more traditional two scoring lines + two checking lines set-up, but I think the better teams today clearly have three lines that can score on the regular.
  8. The primary purpose of a 3rd line should be to shut down and contain, but it needs to be able to produce reasonably decent as well. I just don’t get that impression from Baertschi-Sutter-Virtanen, or Baertschi-Gaudette-Virtanen (or any combination of Eriksson and Leivo being on that line).
  9. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser would still be my first line. i just think Baertschi-Horvat-Virtanen would have a shot at being a good 2nd line..... Which would then allow the Nucks to have both Pearson and Ferland making that 3rd like very potent from a scoring perspective. 3 good scoring lines.
  10. Maybe it’s just me, but does that 3rd line not look too weak to you? Even if you replaced Gaudette with Sutter, my concern is that a 3rd line that would have difficult scoring goals.
  11. The primary role of the bottom 6 should be to shut down opponents, but they can’t be completely deficient and impotent at scoring either.......like has been the case for us the past four years. That’s my point. I think the Canucks might be at a point this coming season where they’d be able to roll out three lines that could produce......while still having a bottom 6 that primarily focused on shutting down.
  12. Hope you’re right! Looks like management are very high on Hughes as well, and don’t really see a huge need to insulate him a whole lot. I have some reservations about this, but like I said, I had some reservations about Pettersson last year as well (before training camp and what management seemingly expected out of Pettersson right from the get go) and I was happily proven wrong.