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  1. lol i just want a chicago montreal final 2 teams that for all intended purpose are out of the playoff race to meet in the finals
  2. honestly i don't see this happening.. hub city? not every player will agree to it especially those with new borns... lock down in a city for however long neccessary not allowed to go and see their family in person? i doubt there's a claus in the contract that states if required you may be requested to stay with the teams for months without a chance to go home to see your family.. getting the players to said cities will also be an issue.. as some players returned home to their countries overseas and US have banned all foreign nationals residing in europe from entering US... and looking at the graph for new cases in US there doesn't appear to be any slowing down.. so i don't see them lifting any of the travel restriction anytime soon.
  3. not really.. the RFA will just be signing 1 year contracts every year none of them will be dumb enough to sign a long term contract unless they are fringe players lol.. the petterssons the hughes will be signing year to year as they know they can sill get near the max per year at whatever the current cap is. they nor their agent will be dumb enough to sign a long term deal.
  4. Lol we still holding out hopes for the playoff? Give it up.. seasons ain't coming back.. look at china... it took them 4 months to get a handle on the situation if u even believe them that is.. itll take us just as long if not longer considering its spreading like crazy in the us.. it's either all or nothing.. even if theres just 1 infected person out there... it will start spreading again if it's not completely cured. So the likely timeline would be at the very least end of july.. and then do a 2 months playoff into September and then straight to 2021 season? Even if u cut the playoff into best of 5 that will still take month and a half.. Highly unlikely we finish the season... let alone having to deal with free agency draft and everything else before the start of next season
  5. i don't see how they can play hockey during the summer when most city is scorching hot.. most cities will be avging 30 degrees with some 35-40 degrees... not sure how u can even have a suitable playing surface without risking players injuring themself because of sloppy ice condition. maybe they should all switch to roller hockey lol
  6. i don't see weber retiring the last 3 years just to fuk over nashville at 8.3mil cap recapture per year chances are he'll limp around in the last couple years and montreal is going to have a 8mil cap hit for a bottom 6 defenseman. as for florida... sure the florida owner won't be happy about it but at the end of the day this would be their only chance if there is a compliance buyout and he's not even using money out of his pocket.. it's gonna be out of the other teams pocket anyways with the revenue share. hell we wanted to buy out eriksson after 1 year if it wasn't his contract is unbuyoutable.
  7. sure weber's salary will drop but does montreal want to take the risk of carrying 8mil worth of cap for another 6 years for a declining player? i don't think he will retire lol.. or they might as well fold nashville as a franchise lol his last year on cap recapture is almost 25mil. bobrovsky is insanely expensive to buy out.. but he's going to be untradeable and he's going to impact the team ability to win anything in the next 10 years. while it'll be expensive i can see florida cutting him.. i mean at the end of the day it's the other nhl team that's paying thru profit sharing anyways.
  8. i honestly don't see the league giving compliance buyout to any teams unless the cap goes down lol. if it stays the same then why would they offer you compliance buyout? u fitted all the players under the cap the previous season so why would they let teams off the hooks? compliance buy out was part of the CBA it was negotiated.. it wasn't like the league all of a sudden decided oh we will give you a compliance buyout.. it was a chance for teams to fix their issue back when they were abusing it. majority of the league don't have much issue with their current contracts so obviously they will vote no to compliance buy out.. as it would benefits a few teams that they are competing against. bobrovsky weber etc would all be candidates. i don't see majority of the league would want to help those teams out.. nor would the NHLPA agree for teams to buy out their players
  9. Sure but every single one of the dman u listed are all 2-3 inch taller and 20+ pounds heavier. When it comes to the playoff you want some size as a defenseman when the game is going to be heavy crashing the net and u want to be able to move players some what. Not sure if hughes would be able to that. I mean all the players you listed may not be as skilled as hughes... but they are all way more all round than Hughes and plays in all situation
  10. most of the cup winners have a norris caliber defenseman that can play on both side of the ice.. physical yet capable of quartering a powerplay and score.. even though we have Hughes right now.. he's not exactly a doughty keith chara carlsson letang burns type of defenseman.. i'm not sure if he'll be able to withstand the physicality of the playoff when he gets there where the phsyical play will ramp up. Hughes will always be great offensively but he'll never be the 30mins a night guy in the playoff like those mentioned.. like those guys are actually intimidating at times to play against.
  11. I want to say Hughes just coz his ability to stay healthy while producing at an amazing level for a tiny 20 year old.. but more likely than not it will go to makar because of the small drop off in points from hughes the last couple of game before the hiatus
  12. No need to panic as the virus likely wont kill the average Joe... but its laughable anyone thinks this will be over in a month or so.. it's been going on for months now in asia and canada usa is only beginning to see the start of it.. the only place that have actually kept it pretty under control is hong kong considering how many cases they have vs their open border to china.
  13. i mean bottom 6 players bottom 2 pairing are a dime a dozen on the free agents... top 6 players are few and far.. i see podkolzin making an impact.. the rest are replaceable spare parts.. juolevi and raffety if they make the NHL next year will be a bottom pairing.. Juolevi i've long given up on. he seems injury prone and with all the injuries and setback in his development he's already light years behind others in terms of development. if he works out to anything more than a bottom 2 dman it's a bonus.. but not holding out hope.. i mean he's already at the age most teams given up on in terms of defenseman 1st rounder or not.. plenty of examples before him
  14. all those are great.. but in reality maybe only 2 if lucky 3 will have any impact in the NHL
  15. honestly it doesn't matter what we think.. the most likely scenario is the season is toasted unless the stoppage only last till mid april early may.. but based on what cdc is recommending 8 weeks or more.. it's likely going to be cancelled.. there's no way in hell they are playing playoff in late july august.. when the ice condition is so sloppy in most arena it's almost unplayable... also if the playoff goes to august.. then when's the draft going to be? september when most junior hockey teams already started their training camp.
  16. i prefer just do it by win % instead of point %. i mean for arguement sake i don't think a team that goes 0-0-80 is more deserving of making the playoff than a team 37-39-4..
  17. point % is such a dumb way to determine who's in whos out.. example if team A played 60 games they have a 25-15-20 record.. with a .583 points percentage.. that's superior to a team 37-22-1 record? .577%... like like i guess all those lost in the OT/shootout is worth more than winning 12 more games
  18. lol the more likely scenario is the team will have the option of either giving up this years 1st rounder or next year 1st rounder.. i mean might as well give up this years since it's gonna be middle of the pack and unlikely lottery eligible.. unless we think the canucks all of a sudden is going to be a powerhouse and next years 1st is in the late 20s lol
  19. I honestly dont see the season playoff resuming. Look at how long the virus been spreading for? It's been 3 months and it's still spreading around in china even though it's somewhat contained there according to them. I dont think any player would be willing to play playoff hockey in july august and then literally have 0 time off and start the 2021 season. Plus ice condition would be atrocious and most fans would be on summer vacation if this virus passes.
  20. lol so much for the salary cap increasing next year.. with the amount of games that'll be played in empty arena.. the revenue share is going to go down significantly.. and depending on how many games are played in empty arenas.. the cap might even go down... signing some of our free agents and hughes pettersson next year prolly gotten a lot harder if the cap stays the same or even decrease.. and more teams will be looking to dump salary and that'll drive the price up to dump cap on cap floor teams =/
  21. Yes we won a bunch of games giving up 40+ but at the same time most goalies are avg a little better than 1 goal every 11 12 shots.. I dont think it's the way to go with demko considering hes been good and bad of late. What works for 1 goalie doesnt always work for another.
  22. Lol opposite is true? First off they scored 4 on us not 0 1 or 2 and 2nd I'm referring to we are badly outshot in the 3rd and ot in a must win game not a recipe for success. I never even talked about the goalies in my original post. So stop picking at bones
  23. unfortunately that's part of green's system.. giving up lots of low percentage shots or so they say.. we are near the top of the league for shots against per game ..i don't see that as a recipe for success..
  24. lol when you are getting out shot 20-6 over the last period + OT in a game you are deperately needing a win.. i don't think that's something to brag about... i mean losing to backup goalies vancouver knows all about that... lol
  25. Great win but wtf is the 3rd and overtime period? Getting destroyed in shots and chances? Lol surely saw which team wants to be in the playoff