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  1. I was wondering when that would happen. Not surprised. Countries look within their own borders first when crises come. They’ll hoard supplies just like your neighbour.
  2. Doug Weight Bill Geurin Tony Amonte Brian Leetch I think we Canadians forget the americans quickly
  3. The political version of TP hoarding
  4. 1. It is viewed as sin to take your own life, some sects of Christianity even see it as unforgivable, although I vehemently disagree with that. Life is good in that God declared it good, and ending it would be wrong. The topic of suicide/life/being created in the image of God is a huge topic in Christian theology and entire libraries have been written on it. The incentive to stay home, in a nutshell, to bring glory to God by the way you continue to live. Its a good question though, one I hadn’t thought very much about previously. 2. churches have closed their buildings because, believe it or not, we so think scientific research is a thing, as we do take health seriously. Although the buildings have closed their doors, it is important to note that the church is not a building it is a group of people. There is no magical power in a building. Most churches are doing online sunday meetings, and most are also serving their communities by offering different ways to support people in need during the quarantine period (practical things like getting groceries, sharing supplies that are in demand, etc) 3. i don't follow the train of thought here. Churches (as a whole, I understand there are some major outliers who do take advantage) do not operate like a business and are not looking for profits. As far as serving communities, The churches are simply adapting and finding new ways to service the community. There’s a learning curve right now, and some are quicker to adapt than others (reflection on leadership abilities within the individual churches - not just pastors but members as well).
  5. Yes, that’s fear-mongering too. What’s your point? Political talking points turned into middle school cat fights and rumour mills? Maybe, just maybe, people who want Trump (or their respective federal governments) to “solve” the pandemic issue aren’t actually looking for Trump to be the medical expert. Maybe, now this might be far fetched, I might be reaching here, but maybe the people want some organizing and collaboration to fight the pandemic and think the government can act as the mediator and organizer of all the experts. See, the dems reacting the Trump/Pence organizing a collective effort is part of that fear mongering. “They aren’t doctors!” Who cares. They just need to be organizers and leaders.
  6. Trump did not refer to the coronavirus as a hoax guys. This is plain stupidity. He referred to the democrats fear-mongering over his handling of the pandemic as a hoax. Why do these “reporters” consistently lie?
  7. I get upset when I learn trades/signings reports from any other source.
  8. Cpt.Clutch

    Baby Bo

    Congrats to the Horvats!
  9. Thor was just released. The 4th MCU movie. Now there are 23. We were still waiting for Harry Potter Deathly Hallows pt2. The 4th Pirates of the Caribbean was just released.
  10. Bring back the laughs of the best of the worst of the decade. cringy, terrible, laughable
  11. The aftermath... (yes, all that food is leftovers!).
  12. Something sexy, slightly dirty, but not too offensive, and totally fun
  13. Shoot pucks with or at? I shoot pucks at him instead.