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  1. Some personal matter to discuss...

  2. Some personal matter to discuss...

    That is probably what our plan is going to be...though I won't have enough vacation days off my work until mid-September at the very least...still not sure if we should wait that long... Yeah maybe we should better off just head out like soon... They very rarely are the ones who call first soo at least we won't be caught off guard..
  3. Some personal matter to discuss...

    fml, you guys are right, really shouldn't have kept this till now. it's probably gonna be 10X harder to explain to them today compared to even a few years back. don't even know how to do it anymore...
  4. Some personal matter to discuss...

    Not that it matters anymore... but should I have told them during the 'early' days of his cancer or left that till the first few days of his passing?
  5. Some personal matter to discuss...

    That's a really good point...we have thought of that. We probably will tell in the very near future. It really does feel messed up as some of you have said holding back something like this for all this time. I personally feel nascuated everytime I think about it. I dunno if we should say he got sick from pneumonia or something short and sudden like that instead of them knowing he suffered through so much pain for so long...
  6. Some personal matter to discuss...

    Let me clarify the situation a bit. Both my grandparents are overseas (in Taiwan) so our only contact is through Skype and phone. We do so quite often and if I were my grandparents I really would not have known just by the voice and the appearance in the video. My dad even the days before he passed away looked completely fine like any other person.
  7. Hi all, I know this forum is probably not the best place to discuss what I am going to say now but I am currently having a big conflict of thoughts for this matter...and just wanted some thoughtful/respectful inputs and opinions from you guys. So couple of weeks ago, my father passed away from multiple myeloma (a type of bone marrow cancer). It's been real tough (especially for my mom) but life goes on I guess...we all have to deal with this one day, I just dealt with it earlier on. Anyways, my grandparents on my dad's side doesn't know about it yet...let alone knowing he had been battling this disease for 8+ years...the reason we kept it from them from all this time is because they are in their last stretch of years as well, both not in so great condition. Any emotional trauma may really go the wrong way for them unfortunately... My mom and I are still debating if they should know about the passing...they are still the parents of a son after all right and have every right to know?
  8. Youtube thread 2.0

    my god...i almost couldn't finish watching it....
  9. What are you listening to?

    ^^ Made me wanna listen to some Keane as well. Other than the one u mentioned, two of my other favourites..
  10. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Flight (2012) - 8/10 I have always been a big Denzel Washington fan and this film did not change that opinion one bit, if not strengthened it. Seen him saving trains and planes. Time for him to save a cruise ship now.
  11. Youtube thread 2.0

    BREATHTAKING. Absolutely LOVE the work this guy does.
  12. What are you listening to?

    SUMMER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! how the heck do you post videos on here??!! it's been close to an year... never mind figured it out kinda...is there another way to do it other than wrapping it with the ... [/ media] thing?
  13. Hello

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      LOL yah I have no idea either. Seems like that number has shot up even more since the last time i went on here. It was at 150K about an year ago

    3. d^/ > _ < \^b

      Nice!! Glad i'm not the only one here

  14. hmm that is soo weird, it was there the last time i saw it... you basically just copy-paste the url of the image into the box of the "image" button right? Did i really forget how to post stuff after so long lol?? Well if you drag the "Posted Image" onto a new tab, you will still be able to see them
  15. Been awhile since i've posted here but anyhoos i'm back, This one drives me absolutely crazy. Most of her pictures I won't be able to post on here