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  1. The amount of people willing to bet the rebuild on a kid who's never even been a 1B in the league is insane to me. Have you people followed hockey? Stud goalie prospects bomb all the time when made a starter. Most teams in the league are running 1A/1B goalie tandems now. That's how the NHL works. What's wrong with signing Marky for 5 years and having him and Demko split starts as Demko grows into the 1A role over a few years and then takes over when Marky's contract is up? Does Demko expect to be one of 3 goalies in the league getting 60 starts? I doubt it. If you want to make the playoffs in the next 2 years, you have to sign Marky. Management wants to make the playoffs in the next 2 years. They will sign Marky and offer up something to Seattle to protect Demko. So get ready to lose a decent young player (Virt) and a pick. That's the cost of expansion. Better than losing a top 10 goalie in his prime.
  2. Player gets waived by a team that looks like it may be historically bad CDC: Jump on him immediately JB!!
  3. I think November will show us where we really are. 2 games against Nashville who have been very strong. Re-match against the Caps Re-match against the Blues Re-match against the Oilers Dallas has been playing much better Penguins are always good it's going to be a much harder month
  4. He's another replacement level player that every team has a few of.
  5. Do people still like UFC? I stopped watching almost a decade ago because it got so boring. No personality and no cool unique styles left. It's so weird you'd make that complaint about the NHL but praise the milquetoast modern UFC.
  6. People are overrating the Rangers I think. Their defence as a whole is still weak. Lundqvist and Gorgiev aren't above average goalies. After Panarin/Zib their O still leaves a lot to be desired. They'll be a really good team in a few years, but not this year. On the other hand Minny is being faded hard by people for no reason. Glad they're up there on this one.
  7. Let's be honest. People "hate" on Jake because he was picked over better players that we wanted more and then failed to live up to the team's hype. Same as Juolevi. It's one thing if the consensus pick flops, it's another thing if a reach flops. It makes the team look stupid. I don't remember anyone who was calling for Jake over Nylander, Ehlers or even Ritchie. Now obviously it isn't Jake's fault he got picked at 6, but that's obviously where the hate comes from. If he was picked at 25th, no one would complain.
  8. It's weird that they wouldn't pay money for legit superstars but are now willing to spend 64mil on a kid who had one good year? Sure he looks like a stud..but why didn't some of that money go to building a good team in the first place?
  9. Not if that addition costs them a guy who could possibly lead the team in scoring. This would be an absolutely braindead move.
  10. The last star 10.2c winger was Johnny Gaudreau who signed for 6x6.75 in 2016. Given the raise in contracts since then, I think 6-6.5 is the best Brock can hope for given 3 years.
  11. Jake is pretty much an average 6OA pick. Historically if your 6OA becomes a middle 6 player that's a pretty standard to good outcome. Maybe people have gotten used to these stacked drafts lately, but 6OA is the territory of the Filatov's, Brule's and Fata's as much as the Monahan's.
  12. Once you are out of the top 2, the chances of getting a bust skyrocket. That's why I'm so confused why Canucks fans treat 1st round picks as untouchable treasures.
  13. Pretty much. I work with a few guys who played at a high level (AHL, NHL plugs etc) and they always say the biggest relief when they finally gave up was not having to prep for another season. A couple of them got in to other sports and never even wore the equipment again. If that can happen to a 25-30 year old, imagine being 37 and staring down another off season regime and training camp when you've already accomplished so much.
  14. Then don't base an article with a clickbait headline on that season? It's still poor journalism whether he gives himself an out or not.
  15. Good. Shannon never had anything to do with hockey or analysis. The guy is a show producer.
  16. Mac, Kyper and Shannon. My 3 least favourite "analysts". This is a great day for Sportsnet, honestly Hell, Shannon was a show producer who somehow convinced the network to let him work as an analyst. At least Mac had some background in the league, brutal as he was.
  17. Yeah. Poolparty (or his agent) demanded to play in the NHL, got time in the top-6 and couldn't do it. I don't think this is really on the Oilers. I think the guy is just not very good. Top 5 picks bust all the time. I'm not sure why everyone gives Puljujarvi the benefit of the doubt as if he's some star being held back.
  18. You don't have to specify. It's sometimes "do me a solid in a future trade or something". Like exchanging low picks. You can't trade a player for nothing. Future Considerations is the legal way to trade a player for nothing. I'm not sure you're even required to follow up on it.
  19. This annoys me so much. Analysts, Reddit, blogs whoever, always pick the exact same teams to make it the next year when on average 5-6 teams new teams make it every year.
  20. Hard to say. It just became the new normal. Young hockey players want to be paid in their prime like every other sport. Do you think this is a fad or something? Like..seriously? It's not going away. Every team will have to deal with this.If Debrincat scores 35+ again this year do you think he's signing for 6x6? LOL
  21. Yeah. He's still mostly worse than everyone on the other list IMO. We'll see how Colin White develops
  22. Your internal cap has to somewhat reflect market value or you end up being Melnyk and losing everyone. 7mil for a PPG player with 40g upside is good value. I'd rather pay for players than save the Aquilinis some cash and becoming that team that loses all it's stars the second they become expensive.
  23. Boston's Picks: 13. Zboril 14. DeBrusk 15. Senyshyn Right after: 16. Barzal 17. Connor 18. Chabot 21. C. White 23. Boeser