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  1. Toronto turned it around because they won the lottery and Tavares grew up as a Leafs fan. I don't give their management a lot of credit, honestly.
  2. Keep in mind how easy it is to shift a skilled centre to wing. Almost all of San Jose's skilled wingers were drafted as centres. You want that BPA on forward and figure it out later.
  3. Sorry it came off as if you favoured how expansion was done before..which was objectively terrible for new markets. The terms weren't overly favourable. Vegas was made stronger by teams making stupid decisions. That doesn't mean the terms were too favourable. Understand?
  4. Tampa will simply retool a bit like Washington did, you don't tear down a 62-win team because of one bad playoff series. But otherwise you may be right. Karlsson ain't resigning with SJ. Bob and Panarin looking for new teams. Lots of teams on the cusp of contention. A few teams like Philly and Pitt with a disappearing window. It could be interesting.
  5. You'd rather they be sentenced to a decade of irrelevance for the sins of being a new team like Columbus? That isn't good for anyone, especially not the NHL. Vegas being good had nothing to do with the expansion draft rules being too lenient and everything to do with stupid managers making stupid decisions. Florida handed them a top line and award winning coach. Minny sent them an entire 2nd line. That wasn't the NHL's fault. Seattle won't be nearly as successful.
  6. That's odd, most of the reliable charts have him ranked 6-8. The odd outlier has him at 10+. Consensus from mixed rankings: 7. Maybe you should look again. Mock drafts have Cozens going 5-8, so yeah, almost exactly like Jake.
  7. Agreed. Maybe Cozens translates better to the NHL than Jake did, but I'd be hesitant to take him top 5 like many of the mock drafts suggest.
  8. Maybe. I think you're wearing rose tinted glasses. Luc was absolutely not trending to be a stud D, but a good top 4. I remember there cleary being doubts about his development. Are you sure you were paying attention back then? Saying he had any chance of matching Kopitar's career is obviously foolish. You're the one rewriting history.
  9. Yeah you need to be careful with small guys. They aren't all Gaudreau. What makes Gaudreau special is his ability to turn on a dime and skate circles around the offensive zone while maintaining possession. Is Caufield that dynamic?
  10. He's missed significant time once in his entire career and now has a reputation as a fragile player? He's not Tanev. He's played 70+ games every year of his career except last year. He's one of the least injured top defencemen in the game.
  11. Moving up is a waste of time unless Benning and company have the inside line on a steal pick. 3-12 this year is an absolute blender of a crapshoot, I'm not sure 5th or 10th pick really matters. It would be nice to "get your guy" but not nice enough to give up other prospects. If you can grab Krebs, Zegras, Boldy or Soderstrom at 10 you call it a win and move on.
  12. Colorado has Francouz in their system, a goalie prospect already on par with Demko.
  13. NJ would be stupid to trade away 1stOA. With Hughes or Kakko they automatically become one of the better young cores in the NHL that could compete for a decade, starting next season. They're going to trade that away for Demko/Gaudette/10th? Not likely.
  14. 5% No different than a Nat 20. Fire up those crits, people.
  15. 3rd would be worse. There are 10 guys who could be the right pick. Could you imagine the salt if we pick someone and there's 4 guys immediately after them who end up being better? That's a very real possibility with this draft.
  16. So to answer the question I'd like: 1) Detroit: I want them to be good again 2) Buffalo: I like them and they've been bad for too long 3) Edmonton: maximum bust/meme/salt potential None above us, so we stay at 8th or 9th.
  17. Honestly I think there is a top two and then about 12 maybes. I think 3-10ish this year are completely interchangeable. I would not be surprised to see someone like Boldy or Krebs getting picked 10th and being the best player in the draft not named Hughes or Kakko. There is a lot of potential for a Puljujarvi bust at 3rd this year whether it be Podkolizin, Cozens or Dach. People think picking 1st would be tough this year? Picking 3rd is a &^@#ing minefield.
  18. I really hope Boldy is still around when we pick. Seems like our kind of player
  19. The Pacific is too top heavy to worry about 2nd or 3rd. Calgary, SJ, Vegas will all be solid again next year over 82 games. If we get in it will probably be a WC spot. That's fine with me. I honestly think we could have challenged Calgary or Winnipeg/Nashville over 7 games. None of them are stellar. The WC spot isn't a death sentence.
  20. Pretty much. Looks like we're finishing 8th or 9th pick, so we'll probably pick 9th or 10th. At that point there will still probably be some guys like Boldy, Turcotte, Broberg, Soderstrom, Zegras and Caufield left. Those are great pieces, even if they take a couple years to develop. I really don't think there's much of a drop off between pick #3 and pick #12 this year.
  21. Byram will go somewhere 3-6, so very unlikely he's coming to Vancouver. We'd pretty much have to win the 3rd pick to have a chance. No GM in their right mind is skipping Hughes or Kakko.
  22. Hughes or Petey will play wing. Full stop. Hughes projects to be Pat Kane-like (winger) and Petey has played wing his whole career until now. He's a good centre but he'd easily score more on the wing. Trading Bo would be pointless. We'd never get his actual value to this team on the market.
  23. Bruins. I've already seen them lift the Cup so whatever. Their team has 10x the character Calgary's fools have. Gadreau is a embarrassment. If Calgary or Toronto wins we won't hear the end of it for decades, either from the media (Toronto) or all the idiots who moved to BC because Alberta is garbage (Calgary).