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  1. Congrats Louie on your first point this season...LOL!!!
  2. should've pulled goalie or time out after 6-4 goal just to shake up the team....Green is hopeless!!
  3. 6-1 Van Petey and Boeser will have a good game!! Van with the edge in shots!
  4. I think also like Edler who used to hit like a truck,Jake is always thinking in the back of his head if he lays a big hit the NHL Player Safety Farce Patrol will give him another suspension.
  5. Just saying,Jake and Bo were playing their best hockey when they were he plays with Louie and Schaller and see what happens!
  6. Watched this the other day after I found out about the series(Stephen King),it's older but it has some good stories in it...loved this one the best!!
  7. When I think about Canucks 2 guys always are front and center...Pat Quinn and Trevor Linden!
  8. Weyburn,Sk.,Courtenay,Cumberland and now Surrey.