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  1. Jake is a 23 year old young man and has the right to spend his time doing whatever he wants as all persons growing up in Canada do!!...seriously,give your heads a shake!!
  2. Wow...Las Vegas in the middle of summer like 110 degrees,the ice is going to be great...I hope the players bring their swimming suits!!
  3. We're lucky to have Bo,I think when this team makes the playoffs in the years to come he will shine!!!
  4. I would love to go to China and have a big bowl of bat soup...
  5. "There can only be one...." in my case it's two!! I have my Cheezies in a hiding place or the kids will eat them!!
  6. My 2 would be Loui and Sutter...I'm beyond sick of seeing Sutter on this team!!! Gaudette is a better 3rd center option and Beagle is a better 4th so no room for this floater!!
  7. It was a really good movie,We also wacthed Outbreak and it was too cheesy for me...not how I remembered it way back the first time I saw it!
  8. Watched the movie Contagion,amazing how it is so similar to what's happening now!!!
  9. The Flames and Jets are big time scumbags for doing this...SHAME!!!
  10. good news according to this article...
  11. Fantenberg has been decent for most of the year,the last 3-4 games he's been one of our worst defenders!!!