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[Report] Sedins want to re-sign after 2014

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#91 Kassian's Tooth

Kassian's Tooth

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 12:38 AM

also who else gives away 20% of their income for a year.
they took home approx 3.4m after taxes on a 6 mill income. so 750K is a big chunk of cash.
not that 2+ million is gonna make them hard off and lining up at the food bank to get some free bread. but still that is a huge amount to give away and says a lot about the people behind the talent.

these are two players i hope retire Canucks not because they are great players but because they are great people, the city of Vancouver can not chance losing these guys to Sweden we need to keep them in the community.

i am sure they will take a big pay cut esp if they have not won a cup i could see them sign for 3 years 3.5m per each just so we could start to build the future without sacrificing the present . ( would be more but the cap will limit there wage)
but i would also not complain if it was 4 years @ 6 mill per... i hope they stick around even if they win us a cup.

Not to diminish what they did at all, it's tremendous but the 750k is also tax deductible. In their salary bracket they get almost half of that back. A true win/win situation.

#92 N4ZZY


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 12:59 AM

I'd give them both 4 year deals at 5 mil per year. They are deserving of it.

They have represented this organization with such class and respect.

Extending them is a no-brainer. If they aren't first line producers, they are at the very least second line players, especially as they get older. 60 point seasons from both of them? I'd take that in a heartbeat. They can also teach some of the younger guys who will be coming into their own (i.e. Jensen, Kass, Gaunce, etc).

#93 MC Fatigue

MC Fatigue

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 01:09 AM

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#94 LegionOfDoom


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 01:24 AM

Selanne is doing amazing still in his 40s , I see them signing a 4 year deal around 14 mill each

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#95 Remy


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 01:41 AM

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I seriously can't tell if you're just trolling 90% of the time or what. They'll be getting 5 mill at the very least.

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that! When I saw his post about Schneider having a "history" of groin problems because of the playoff game he started against Chicago, it took all of my willpower to just walk away. If he's trolling, the subtlety is exquisite. If he's genuine, yikes.

The Sedins are franchise players and we're lucky to have them. It's hard to imagine a day when they're not on the roster, very glad to hear that day may well be a long ways off.

#96 topbananas


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 01:52 AM

Not surprised. Maybe go with a 2 or 3 year deal at 3 or 4 million per, depending on where their games are at that point.

not been on here for ages, but nice to see something's have not changed, you really dont know what you are talking about
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Posted Yesterday, 09:07 AM

It's not 7.5 per year, Kesler's at 5 million and Malhotra's at 2.5 million

#97 ajhockey


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 02:10 AM

Not to diminish what they did at all, it's tremendous but the 750k is also tax deductible. In their salary bracket they get almost half of that back. A true win/win situation.

They're generous and good businessmen? Double Points!

Credit to -Vintage Canuck- for the awesome sig!

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#98 bossram


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 02:24 AM

The Sedins are the model of NHL consistency. Three years from now I will put money that they are still, at the very least, 60+ points players. I'd give them three more years at their current contracts.
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#99 Canuck Surfer

Canuck Surfer

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 03:58 AM

Remember when Selanne and Kariya signed for peanuts to play with Colorado? :bigblush:

Seriously, $6 each on 1 year deals, $4.9 over 3years...

Whatever they want, just no Lou term.

#100 Bodee


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 04:36 AM

They'll continue to be impact players, and on top of that help teach our young players.

This is so true. They have so much skill that it would be a crime if they were not employed as coaches by the organisation after they retire. If they want to go back home to Sweden then the Canucks could buy a local team and put them in charge..........of developing and sending more "Sedins" over to us

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#101 Canuckerbird


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 08:28 AM

All this talk about the Sedins retiring after their next contract makes me feel really old. We've watched them grow and mature from baby faced red heads to the honourable men they are today. Someday, we'll all look back with pride at what these two were able to accomplish despite all the criticism they took in their early years.
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#102 hudson bay rules

hudson bay rules

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 08:35 AM

They make 6.1 million now but since the cap has been lowered I figure 5 million is fair and they'd be quite happy with it methinks
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#103 Kesler's Nose

Kesler's Nose

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 10:09 AM

I'd give them 6 mil each for 3 years, 5 mil on the fourth year and 4 mil on the last year. (5 year 27 mil contracts) We need these guys until they retire for sure, now's not the time to get cheap! Let's get it done before their contracts expire, MG knows how important it is so I don't have to say anything else really.

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#104 jono2009


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 10:27 AM

3 years, 3.5 per

#105 Sugar baby watermelon

Sugar baby watermelon

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 11:06 AM

The Sedins are Vancouver Canucks 4 life!!!!!!!! Franchise players!!!

#106 canucksnihilist


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 11:11 AM


how about they play the first half of each year in modo, and we get them for the last half and playoffs?


#107 Dogbyte


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 11:26 AM

I trust that the Sedin's will fully play out whatever contracts they sign. Just contract wise though, because they should still get good money, I wouldn't want to sign them for too long. 2 years would be ideal but I'd give them 3. Hopefully for about $5 mil a year is they give us a deal.


#108 oldnews


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 11:36 AM

I think MG should think outside of the box.
Bring the Sedins into a room without their agent.
Give them a pen and a checkbook and tell them to write what they want.
Sedins will talk amongst themselves, see the team salary cap structure and write a check to themselves which will ensure Canucks are strong for the rest of their careers

This is a priceless idea - I think MG should run with it. If anyone could be trusted to take what's fair, it's the twins. If anything, they'd be too deferential and MG would have to bump up the numbers...

#109 cc_devil


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 12:02 PM

Depends whether or not MG is looking at the future of this franchise as he claims or not. Most likely a 3 year deal and then hard choices will have to be made.
The smart thing for the team would be to trade them and get a goal scoring sniper, roster player, a top prospect and perhaps 2 1st round draft pick in return while they could demand such value.

As the Canucks division is getting stronger and the ability to keep their stats high via the their divisional games will be greatly reduced with an improved Oilers, Wild and Av's. Don't see any more 100 points seasons coming with a tougher division.They point totals do drop down in the playoffs. The reality with all the injuries to Kelser and Booth they'll never be the premiere 1st line players the Sedins are now and with them here more than three years its pretty much impossible to get draft picks up to par for when they are no longer the first line. Especially when their only shot at first line will be right wing. I expect next year will go along way to determining what's going to happen.

#110 steviewonder20


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 12:07 PM

How many years and how many dollars they get will depend on whether they regain their mojo or not. If their ppg production drops dramatically from previous years, then their contract will likely be short (2 years?) and far less than 6 million (4?). Depending on how far their production falls, they could be moved down from the first line to the second, with Kesler moving up. 2014 is a long ways off in hockey terms.

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#111 BenDrinkin


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 12:25 PM

Anymore than 5 mil per year each could handcuff us with regards to locking up the next generation. I'm not so sure they will be getting 6 mil a year for 5 more years at that point.

#112 Snake Doctor

Snake Doctor

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 12:57 PM

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I seriously can't tell if you're just trolling 90% of the time or what. They'll be getting 5 mill at the very least.

You never know, they want to win a cup as well. With the cap going down they will have to take a pay cut. Furthermore, what will the team look like at that time? Will we have enough talent to stay competitive? It's too far away to get deep in this topic.

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#113 Guest_Gumballthechewy_*

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 01:25 PM

I need to see Henrik's emotion lifting Lord Stanley...

I would imagine it would look something like this:

Posted Image

Really? Nothing?
I thought this was hilarious...

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#114 BedBeats™2.0


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 02:51 PM

whatever they want

Best answer that suits what we know of the Twins.


The Canucks Playoff preparation

#115 disisdayear


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Posted 13 February 2013 - 12:01 AM

When was the last time Sidney Crosby or any player reached 120 points?

I suppose exact figures are necessary to satisfy you.

Crosby runs at a career PPG of 1.4...over an 82 game schedule that's equivalent to 115 points. So yah, that's 5 points shy of 120 and that is a projected number mainly due to his injury issues, and it seems you're sphincter's so tight, the five points does make a big difference. The inference I was making was that if Crosby is worth $8.7MM cap hit for those kinds of extrapolated (go to www.websters.com if you don't know what extrapolate means) numbers, then the Sedins combined, should be worth at least that sort of money if they are able to deliver 115 combined points. If you can't comprehend that, it's time for you to revisit remedial English and grasp the concept of inference.

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