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  1. 5 out of 10 on a good day, no better than Willy D
  2. Boy, can't get me enough Highmore or Boyd, or Hawreluk or Vesey. Who needs Petey back with those beauties holding down roster spots
  3. After a couple of Valiant efforts against the leafs a crash was inevitable, especially with that forward lineup. Sutter looked like he was hurting pretty bad last night, any word on him?
  4. It’s mind boggling they got a second for Janmark. I would have been happy with a fourth or fifth rounder for Adam
  5. There was very little chance of a pick and a player coming back for Adam. 29 year old Hart trophy winners are only worth a second in a COVID trade deadline day.
  6. This is what I think too. Gaud’s didn’t cut it as a center and not good enough for a top 6 winger.
  7. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I would never let either of my kids be a referee
  8. OK, what was worse? The Canucks effort through the first 2 periods, or the zebras tonight?
  9. Disappointing game last night but I’m not going to go looking for a bridge to go jump off-even the best don’t win them all. The thing that really sticks in my craw though is how simplistic of a game plan Montreal employed and we didn’t have an answer for it. Despite hanging that loss on the players in the post game presser I think Green and his staff were equally to blame.
  10. Practice time is definitely at a premium this year but unfortunately I believe the CBA mandates a certain amount of mandatory days off during this shortened season so the coaches can’t order the players to practice whenever they want to.
  11. In the 5 games Jake was on Bo’s line they didn’t give up a single goal. The very first shift they break them up Bo’s line gives up a goal.
  12. The habs are a one trick pony, puck pressure in all areas of the ice. If Greens only answer to that is his line blender.....
  13. And beat the Jets Leafs and Habs in the span of a week, when’s the last time that happened?
  14. I’m not a big fan of Pearson either but since Jake joined that line I don’t think they’ve given up a 5v5 goal while getting matched against our opponents top line. As long as they keep that going and chip in with the occasional goal I’m willing to look past their failings.
  15. We stole that game but like they say in golf, there's no pictures on a scorecard. Win on Wednesday and the boys might start feeling it
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